Why is Marijuana Bad?

I'm just trying to see why Marijuana is bad!!! If you know please respond!!!


Everyone has a different opinion on this topic. Personally speaking I used this drug for well over 3 years. I believe there are positive and negatives towards smoking Marijuana.

When I had my first initial consultation with my Psych I explained that I was a heavy smoker of Canabis and I would never go a day without using. Marijuana has a huge impact on your Mental Health. Everyone has a different experience from using, however it effected me in such a way that I was always Paranoid, had a lot of trouble sleeping especially when I didn't have it.

It caused so many problems between my Family and Friends, they believed that they had lost me to the drug. I personally don't feel overally negative about Marijuana it played an important part in my life for such a long period of time. It helped to block out all those horrible feelings I had. Although the after effects of being a user can be quite horendous such as short term memory loss, irritability and your ability to enjoy life to its fullest as you where not happy unless you where stoned. It definately held me back for so long, I was unable to see anything else good in my life.

I still have it on the odd occasion as I have learnt that you cannot let it control you, you must always be in control. If not further down the track it can be quite difficult to come off. I have also known of people that have suffered Psychotic Episodes and have never been the same. I never smoke alone anymore there is always someone around who I know cares for me and is looking out for me.

Hope I have been a little helpful, just speaking from experience. Hope everything is okay, if you ever need to chat always here.

Take care :)