Why is PMS so hard

Does anyone else struggle with PMS that truly impacts your life? I get this every month and the hormones make me literally crazy. I seem to hate everything, am very sensitive and am so irritable the entire week before my period.

And of course (the most relevant part for this site) there is the weight gain. I gain on average 1-2 pounds. With my hormones and senstivity, I seem to feel like I am an elephant! It's hard enough to feel confident about my body normally, but this time of the month, bring out the baggie clothes and please no one look at me.

I would love to hear other's thoughts about how PMS impacts them. (ED specific or not). Also, if anyone has anything that helps get them through this time PLEASE SHARE. I can definitely report that extreme excercising and self loathing in front of the mirror does not help.


i know it sooooo sucks! and men dont get it at all! really ! it sucks having a uterus as i just am getting my period today. oh joy. i have realy bad ones cause of cysts. uterine fibroids(TMI? SORRY HA) but it is awful...

my hormone inblamace from PMS was so bad, i was like another person for 5 days before. i swaer i dont know that person. talk about mood swings and irritability. one time my fiancee said he was gonna move to a hotel for 5 days it was so bad( ha!)

and then you have the pain of it all, ugh the pain --the throes of woman hood....ughhhhh

men are so lucky they dont have this...

but i found the answer that helps me soo much!

it is called EVENING PRIMROSE OIL! i actually take it everyday, i need to get more now, but it is amazing! really --it totally helps with PMS i swear! it calms your mood and helps with many ailments other than PMS too. so i take it every day or try to....

it totally helps PMS a lot. i dont even get it as much at all.. really... i get maybe 6 hours before i become a diva,, ha but after that im back to myself, ha...

try it, it really works....



PMS is so frustrating! I have the worst hormones because of having an e/d & it is so hard to feel normal anytime then having to deal with my emotions that week is horrible! I feel like such a freak when I start crying out of control or feel sad about losing an earring! I understand what you're saying, it's so frustrating! :/

Hmmm. Good question. For me usually hot drinks like tea really help. Caffeine doesn't help though because it can give me headaches during PMS, so coffee isn't the best but green tea and black tea is great. Also, anything hot food wise- soup and oatmeal are AMAZING haha.

Emotionally, I don't have an answer for that. I am normally a mess before and during my period. I don't really know how my boyfriend deals with me. And I am even more of an emotional mess with my eating disorder being present.


Thank you all so much for your comments! It is just so helpful that I am not alone in what I am dealing with. I will try all of your suggestions! Good news - today I wanted to ingest huge amounts of chocolate but I didn't binge and just had a normal amount. Whew.

thanks liz! ha

the evening primrose oil is great, always helps me out, that is one of the best supplements out there i have ever bought( it does get expensive though!)

it also helps with depression, mood swings, anxiety, heart problems, arthritis, and much more....

i swear it helps with my downign myself and negative sel talk and calling myself fat an dugly all the time! it calms that down....

and i sooo have the urge for sugar now, really... but ill have it in moderation, well ill try--hahahaha


Hi Liz! Oh, I totally and completely feel your pain. My PMS is sometimes worse than my actual menstruation, because I feel super bloated, crampy, and fatigued. On top of those wonderful symptoms, I am hormonal, thus pretty emotional. The only thing that ever helps me through PMS is awareness. Once I am aware of what's going on, then I really try to nip it in the bud by not putting extra stress on myself, steering clear of drama or anything negative, and really trying to give my mind, body and soul a bit of a break. As well, I am totally on top of taking all of my essential vitamins and I eat super healthy. Exercise also helps subside my PMS. I hope that this helps a bit.

Thanks you guys so much for your posts. I really appreciate it. This site really helps me feel like I am not alone, until this site I kept all of this inside and it feels really great to connect with people who understand me.

I am so happy to hear that LizG. This Site has really helped me through so much and continues to do so. It most especially helps me in feeling like I am not alone in what I am going through, much like yourself.