Why online dating works

This is a great article that I read about Why Online Dating Works. It sites all of the positives of online dating, which is great especially if you're wavering about dating online. Here's the article in its entirety;

"The fact that so many people choose online dating over traditional dating signifies that falling in love with somebody online has a number of advantages.

Why does online dating work? How does it differ from traditional romantic experiences? Everybody knows that online dating adds a degree of comfort and security that no other form of dating can bring.

Several characteristics make online dating a viable option, which can turn into the real thing. Internet differs significantly from direct communication. Its features result in various advantages of online dating.

When using dating websites, people are comfortably sitting at home, in their favorite chair. Internet dating provides a degree of comfort and certainty that makes it preferable over traditional dating for many people.

Approaching someone in real life is associated to fear and some degree of anxiety. The virtual reality minimizes these unpleasant feelings. If it fails working, an individual is free to simply move on.

Online dating allows people to get to know each other better than any other traditional communication channel.

This indirect manner of communication makes it easy to feel comfortable about sharing intimate information. Soon, people who are dating each other online will know many personal facts and details.

Online dating makes it possible to learn a lot about an individual before deciding on a real-life relationship. Direct communication works the opposite way. People experience chemistry, after which they start getting to know each other.

Online dating involves smaller degree of embarrassment.

Direct communication involves more risk than online dating does. It is connected to fear of being rejected or laughed at. Everybody fears rejection, even the most extroverted and confident individuals.

Online dating is simpler. Two people know each other in the virtual reality. They have not met. Their communication focuses on personal characteristics rather than on looks and instant chemistry.

The number of online dating opportunities is vast. People have tens of websites to choose from, each one of them having thousands of users.

Each individual can look for love across the globe, regardless of social status, occupation and location.

Online dating makes it easy for two people who would otherwise be obstructed by physical hindrances to fall in love. The pervasiveness of dating websites makes them so popular and attractive.

People, who look for love online waste less time than those stuck in an inappropriate relationship.

If it fails working, an individual can simply move on. There is no need to waste time meeting, trying to make it happen and pushing forward a relationship that has no potential to develop.

Online dating provides much more and makes it possible for everyone to discover new romantic opportunities. It involves no fear and uneasiness. Online dating gives new hope to people who have suffered from rejection and dating failures in the past. All these characteristics make online dating work. In fact, it has become so popular, that it turned around the rules of the game and created dynamics of its own."

- Helium Inc., Vilie Farah

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