Why why does this happend to me daily its killing me

why do you get such horrable panic attacks, i always feel i am dying, cant breath get irrated and feel fainty dizzy and sometyimes cant consendtrate... I have had them so bad... I cant even drive i get so shakey feel like i am dying why and how do they come on what in the world is it the mind or something. I am always asking someone to feel my pulse cuz i am scarwed/ I take xanax .5 now one mg anymore since i used to use, but it helps me for a short period then it comes back on me like i cant be alone... any ideas helkp

Hi sblondstar2, I suggest seeing you doctor for help with this. I consult my doctor whenever I begin to have anxiety/panic attacks. How long have you been having them? Have they just recently started? Has something happened that could have triggered them? Keep sharing we are ere for you. ((((hugs))))

hi there

its always a good thing to get yourself checked out by a medical body, then try and stay calm. easier said than done i no, sister in law use to have a brown bag to breathe into each time she felt an attack coming on, it seemed to help her

try and see if there is a pattern to the attacks if so mayb u could do things in a different order


keep posting and chattin

loving thougths and positive vibes

I am new to all of this! Looking for some answers..Do they have chat rooms on here too?


Hi curiousgirl01, Welcome to SupportGroups.com . I don't think there are chatrooms on the site here. What is going on? What are you looking for help with? Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))