Why do I feel in a constant state of being alone? Why? even when there are plenty of people around me..I'm so tired of feeling alone....Why must I feel this way?

I've felt like that before. Different situations. Once was after I was broken up with by the only guy I ever loved. I went to a concert, which always helps, I just get lost in the music. But even being in a completely crowded room with a bunch of people, I felt alone. Sometimes when I'm depressed and I know I've got people around I can talk to, I still feel really alone, and I don't know why. Maybe knowing some people feel the same loneliness as you do might in some way make you feel less alone?

I completely understand how you feel. I have really bad depression and it just keeps getting worse. The symptom that bothers me the most is the feeling of isolation. Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads and our own worlds and feel like no one can understand what we're going through or what we're feeling. This usually starts a sort of circular logic with me. I think no one understands me, which makes me feel alone, which makes me want to isolate myself, which means I am at least physically alone, which causes me to feel lonely and think no one likes me so I feel more alone, etc, etc. During these times I try to come here, to this site and I realize that I am not alone. There are people right here that feel and think the same way I do. Like Koko said, sometimes just knowing there are other people that feel the same way you do can help.

I hope this helps, at least a little bit. :-) Now that you found this site you are not alone. I will be here to lend an ear (or I guess an eye since I'm reading and not listening) whenever you feel lonely.

That was an excellent explanation Planemo. I've never been able to really describe it but you did it beautifully. I hope that this site helps you as well when you're feeling lonely! I've only just joined but I think this site will do wonders for me and anyone else on here.

Thank you! This site really does help. I have social anxiety and don't like being around people I don't know and definitely don't like TALKING to them, but on here I don't mind. Everyone is so caring and kind. I always know that no matter what I am feeling, someone will understand. Even when I think my feelings are too dark to share I try to force myself to write a little bit on here and I always get the love and support I need. I'm sure you will soon experience this too!

That sounds so wonderful. I'm glad you found an outlet. Social anxiety must be really tough. I think it's great there is a place like this for people to come to and get some form of release. I think a lot of people on here who want help are also people who are very kind and willing to help other people which is amazing. Thank you for sharing with us. :]

I know what you mean. I've been in a room surrounded by people ad have felt completely alone. When you don't feel close to those around you it's as if you were alone. When my dad died a few days later there was a prayer thing that's traditional in the country he died and it was done 9 days after he died and at the end I sat in a chair crying hysterically all alone. I was completely alone even though there were lots of people around. But nobody came and sat with me and hugged me or anything so I felt all alone. Sometiems I prefer to be alone and feel better when I'm alone then when I'm around people and feel ignored and alone. My suggestion is to try hanging out with people you really like. Go out with a friend. Hang out in more small intimate groups or visit a friend's house. Then you will feel better because you wont feel as lonely. If there are too many people around you don't get to interact with the ones you like as much because they might be busy but if it's just you and a friend you guys can have more chat time and you wont feel slone =)

I too feel alone when there is a room full of people ..I TRY AND MAKE A CONVERSATION AND TRY TO GET MY MIND TO WONDER..

My first morning on here and I think I like.it...I'm not the only one who feels lonley .i

Welcome Lost! I'm glad you realize you're not the only one. As I said earlier, sometimes just knowing that can help out a bit. I hope you find what you're looking for on this site.

Just like the rest of you, I feel lonely even though there a bunch of people around. but this site is wonderful! :)

People are caring & always have kind and supportive words to say. When I'm in a face to face situation I get tongue tied & my anxiety levels go sky high. Here I have none of that.

I have never felt alone here.

this site is working. i feel free..i can type anything and wont be judged. I too feel alone . There are a amazing people on her with great advice..

i am in love and married, but i feel lonely. i have my family surorunding me. yet i feel lonely. cause i don't have myself.

i think as long as you don't like who or what you are you will always be missing something, always searching for something. something you have to find withIN yourself!

talking to people who understand, maybe even feel the same way, exchanging experiences and thoughts with them, can certainly help to see you're not alone and with some work on ourselves and newfound friends we won't be lonely anymore either :-)

so keep sharing friends!


OMG this was such a great post. It helped me a lot. I have a wonderful husband…wonderful family…I get it. I feel so alone because I think I’m a nobody and I’m always with me. What an eye opener.

Maedi you're so right! If you feel like some thing is missing in yourself and you're not complete you will always feel lonely because you feel like people just don't understand you but on this site there are others feeling the same way and understand what it's like to be lonely or depressed or anxious etc. it's a great site. I've met lot's of wonderful people on here and I feel closer to some of them than I do my friends and family! I love the people here. they're awesome and supportive <3

Rose, so are you!!! you are such an incredible asset to this site already and i hope you realize how much your help and support means to everyone :-)

Maryrose, im gald i could help a bit. what do you think why you woulf feel so low about yourself? as if you're a nobody?


Not sure I understood your question. are you asking if i know what made/is making my self esteem low? Like where it roots?

This post really is great. Truly inspiring words from everyone on here. You all are so wonderful. Thank you for what you're doing on this site. Hopefully it will help us all not feel so alone being here.

maryrose, im with you on the negative mindset. i think we al need a proper brainwash really :-)
but as that is not possible we'll have to work on thinking more positively and acknowledging the good in us!


I'm going to start a discussion on this post there! =]

That sounds absolutely wonderful!