Why can't put myself to the side and be happy for family members that are having babies. I am trying really hard and trying not to be selfesh but i just want to be able to have children or at least have my period. I want to feel like a actually women, instead of a "thing" I guess. I find myself more often crying more and thinking about it. I feel so bad that it's all my fault. It's not fair to tim that he is getting rubed of having any children because of me. I am trying not to blame myself but it is so hard because it is. I dont want to have a baby at this very moment but just to know that i can in the feature. I am scared that tim isn't going to want to stay with me knowing our family can't expand.
If someone has any ideas for getting over these or what to do please let me know.

Hi Angel....it's hard to be happy for people when you want it so badly for yourself. I have been there. I don't want to assume anything, but is your lack of periods due to the eating disorder? Have you gotten treatment? Is your weight still below where it needs to be so that your body will produce the necessary hormones to ovulate and be fertile? It is critical to get into treatment so that you body can be restored to the point where it is strong enough to maintaina pregnancy and birth.
The eating disorder is not your fault, but you are in control of getting help so that your body will be strong and functioning normally.
Please think about what you need in order to live the life you want with the people you care about. Take care....Jan ♥

I have gone to treatment and I am know in recovery. I have been out of my weight range slighly for like two to three months. I am going to go back to the women dr. see what they have to say. I am guessing this problem is from the eating disorder sadly. I dont nessecarliy want a baby at this very moment but it would be nice to know if i still have a chance or not and to be able to feel like a women by gettin my period.
thank you


5 years ago I had two IUI, I didn't have the money to go farther. It was very hard, but some how I choose to love the children around me.

My nephew is my light. I enjoy every minute I spend with him. There are always going to be pregnant women around, and so I choose to embrace the joy they feel. The only time I get upset is when I see women complain about their children, or how awful being pregnant is.

Finding joy in others will honestly set you free. Sometimes you have to accept the things you cannot change.

You will be happier