I feel so fucking fat. . . . friday i slipped on some ice walking to lunch from school and some guys behind me said "i think she dented the pavement!" and laughed. this hurts soooo much. i hurt, and i cut.

people don't want to get to know me because i'm overweight. i am a beautiful creature, but all they see is an overweight 13 year old girl who never smiles and whose a freak. . .

does anyone understand.

People are always gonna talk, no matter what. I am always here for you, and I would love to be your friend, and get to know you. People always judges other people, without even knowing them and I hate that so much. I'm sure you are a wonderful person. I hope this makes you feel better. If your comfortable in your own skin, then be happy don't worry about what other people say. I know it's hard to ignore them. Just keep your head up. :)