Wife left with the kids

I've been married for 10 years. My wife and I have been having problems for a about 9 of those years. 2 years ago she lost her job and never tried to get a new job witch caused more problems. I have thought about leaving and her and i talked about it and thought we fixed the problem little to my knowledge we didn't. At the beginning of this year she found out that she had a problem with her hearing and needed surgery. She had her surgery in July and a week after she went to her sisters house with the kids to finish her healing proses and visit with her family before the kids went back to school in the fall. The whole time she was gone I tried to call and text with no answer at all. Finally I got a hold of her in August (I was getting ready to take a trip to find her). I told her that I would like for the kids to come home 2 weeks before they went back to school so I could spend some time with them. Then she dropped it. " I want a separation" I said ok went you and the kids get home and settled in and the kids get back to school I will take a day off from work and we'll talk about it and figure things out. She said ok. Well a week before they where due to come home she informed me that they where not comming home and the kids rare all set to start school at a new school. She told me that the separation was to start now. I flipped. And told her I was going to file for divorce. Come to find out from her that she has been planning this for almost a year. So now I feel like she took my world out from under me. I miss my kids and want my kids to come home. The kids don't want to be there they want to be home with me. This is killing me.

I don't know what to do. The papers are all filed and waiting on court dates. Just feel empty and abandoned.

Man...that stings. Despite my stbx threatening taking my son from me, she never did. She knew that it would be absolutely terrible for him to not have me in his life. Now, I have him most of the time.

I can only wish you positive energy and to rely on prayer. This has to be the worse thing to feel. It's bad enough that you have lost your wife, but now you can't see you kids. Ouch.

I'm very sorry to hear this. Hopefully with things gettng settled in the courts...you will have some rights. You deserve to see your kids.

I get my kids every weekend. But I have to travel 2 1/2 hours witch is 90 miles to get them.

It's worth it Alone...your kids are worth the drive. STAY INVOLVED...As much as you can, be there - do things with them, show them all the love that you can.

No chance in moving closer? That is a hike...funny thing, that's what my stbx drives to see her kids. Usually grabs him/or them and drives back to spend a weekend with him/them, then back to me...I would do it, but she's the one that moved that far away. Her choice.


Thank you. Some days I'm ok but then I have the days where I don't know what to do. I don't like living alone mostly coming home to an empty house.

All I can say is she is wrong for that! I'm a woman and i can say that! My boyfriend is going through the sane thing..trying to see his kids and they only live 45 minutes away! But keep making that drive to get them. In the end its all gonna work out in your favor.

When I go get them it's is so worth it and when I have them it's the only time I feel like I'm whole again. My kids are my world.