Does anyone else feel less themselves in the cold weather, I just want to burrow under blankets like my dog :slight_smile:

Agreed, the cold isn’t for us. Warmer weather is way nicer.

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Yup: I’m with the dog.

I think I’m all about the aesthetic, but the stiffness in the joints when I wake up from the cold I can do without.

Today is freezing, literally, brrr.

I haven’t gotten there yet, do you do any gentle yoga or pilates, that might help lubricate the joints.
I know that sounds weird, but my yoga teacher used to say that.

No, I don’t do any of those. I mostly just and stretch and push on through. I think that’s fairly common with us guys though. Mostly grin and bear it or rub dirt in it and walk it off.

Yes, common, but maybe you don’t want to be common and you do something to help the pain :person_in_lotus_position:

Getting back into working out and actually trying to eat cleaner are 2 ways I’m working on helping it as well.