Wish me luck tomorrow

Because I am now temporarily employed! I wish I could have been hired on permanently but maybe they will keep me or something else will come along soon after. My first day is tomorrow, I am so so so nervous. What if I am late? What if I have mood swings? Or bad abdominal pains? What if I get really hyper and embarrass myself? Or step over a boundary? These are my fears but I am just going to take deep breaths and think positive.

I just want wish you luck. I will add, don't think in 'what if'. Try to have your mind clear and I know that's hard. It'll be alright, you'll do fine.

You are going to do amazingly well tomorrow!!! Don't think you are going to be late or anything else negative! Eat a good breakfast tomorrow morning and get enough rest tonight! All will be well!! God bless you!!

you will be great! dont worry! i can tell you really want this and that alone tells me you will do an amazing job!!!! Good luck!!! and i hope it all works out for you!

Thank you guys so much for your support!!!! Today went really well! I was even up an hour early!!! Everyone there is so nice and friendly so far (unlike at my last job) and I am feeling pretty optimistic about everything! I hope you guys have great weekends ahead!

im really happy for you that you had a great day!!!! i hope it keeps goin that good!!!!