With my bf 3 months as of Sunday. A month or so ago he sai

With my bf 3 months as of Sunday.
A month or so ago he said he don't do gifts, and said whatever id spend on him to spend on myself instead.. (I'm his first gf) and the only reason this bugged me was because my family will judge, so I conpermized and said if we arnt doing the gift thing then we do something esle. Like go to dinner , hotel or just something together.

I did tell him It did bug me and he did apologize so I didn't push it forward because this is all new to him regardless (going out shopping is even something he hasn't done in years because he used to drink himself to death which he doesn't now)

But dispite all that. He is the best, something as simple as treating me to supper and not even hesitating on paying for it all and filling my car with gas was a shocker to me.my ex's never did that unless it was my birthday , even then I felt guilty.

I still do feel guilty but at the same time I'm in aww

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@unknownWorld He sounds like he is a keeper, what do you feel?

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@godlovesus sorry I haven’t checked this in a while. Things with him are going great . He makes me feel heard, actually makes me feel wanted.

I’m still trying to break old habits like thinking he’s gonna cancel plans in a instant like my ex’s used to do or thinking he’s going to get mad if I say the wrong thing. He’s like the polar opposite of my ex bfs.

And as for gifts we decided to plan our first trip together❤️

That's great for u.
Seems like a good one this time. I agree with your BF about the gift thing, that's because I'm a minimalist. U don't need things, u need love..

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@Nwibowo I think it’s more because of how I’ve been grown up. My family (aunts uncles etc) always made comments when my ex’s never gave me anything or the bare minimum after I go all out. Update tho! Me and roger booked a vacation for April ,that’s enough for me ( we are both paying it obviously lol) he is amazing . Spoils me in whatever way he can and I try to do the same im just not used to it. He says he’s just being half way human lol