Woke up feeling down. Didn't get much sleep. Went out to buy

Woke up feeling down. Didn't get much sleep. Went out to buy some groceries. Came back to bed with no energy. Don't even feel like putting the stuff I bought in the fridge. Feel like I'm forced to live this life that I don't like. I am alone but I don't like it. Something tells me even I had the things that I think they make me happy I still would be unhappy. Makes me feel like I don't deserve anything good. Feeling bad about myself but don't know the way out. Really frustrated.. getting bad thoughts and methods to get rid of these annoying feelings. Thinking of taking some of the depression meds I have left from before or maybe smoke a cig. Somehow hurting myself feels better. I am scared of where this is taking me. I look for ways to save myself outa this but I think I can't do it alone

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Your alone but NOT alone!

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You don't have to do it alone! I feel these same things a lot of times. I wish I had answers to give you as i somehow seem to get myself out of these feelings as well. Usually something small seems to snap me out of it, buying a new soundtrack or finding a new show i like to watch, just something that helps me find a little joy in the moment. Seems to help me carry on but it can be a constant struggle.

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I totally get how you feel. It is like all your energy has been sucked right out of you. However you are not alone, there are many people here for you that know exactly what you are going through. It is so hard to see when you get all up in your head and have that negative "self talk". In your head it is only your voice, and no one to help you, that is why you came onto these support groups. I also know it is tough trying to listen to strangers give advise on your life, but if you let what is said sink in and believe in the support and advice given, it will definitely help. It is a constant cycle of thoughts, and if you can think of a little positivity in those thoughts you say to yourself, it will help you regain some of your energy back. Then you can build off of that, and maybe do some exercising and really go after your interest. i know it is easier said than done, but I too still fall into that hopelessness and loneliness, and have pulled myself out of it before. Practice positivity, even on a small scale.

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So glad you are here with us! You are not alone! Sometimes "strangers" who understand and or have been where you are are more help than those closest to us.

We are here for you and in adding to the support that @zepol46 has shared with you I would like to ask if you have considered counseling?

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@Oneseedatatime i was on therapy last year but not anymore