Woke up to late! ... again

Ok soo its 13:29 . . . defently missed breakfast and lunch.. im not hungry but i would happily eat a chocolate bar..

hey, did you end up eating anything? if so what? how did you feel about it?

i had a packet of crisps, but didnt finish the packet cause i get bord of it qwickly.
then my mum told me to go and get a sandwhich but i didnt feel like having one so, i ate 2 crab sticks and a tomato, but i got bord of this also and didnt eat it all apart from the tomato.
and i had a chocolte bar. chocolate is something easy to just grab and eat.

erm i felt i grabbed the crisps with no intention to actully eat them all i just did it for the sake of it. ate a few. felt sick of the tatse

didnt want to make sandwhich so grabed the easyest thing crab sticks… i dont actully like them that much but again they were easy to just grab an put in bowl. and tomato… i dont mind tomatoos but one was enough!.

the only thing iate without having a problem with the chocolate bar.


Perhaps you can prepare your meals in advance? Something healthy and nutritous that way if you sleep in again its ready for you to grab and go?

honey, you told what you ate, but were you aware at any time of how you were feeling? not just while eating, but throughout the day? are able to focus on anthing other than food?

i feel fine within myself.. atleast i think i do. i meen i get down now and again.. and never really dealed with my depression to wel... but im happy ...
sometimes i go into deep thought alot.. and find myself qestioning myself abou random stuuff.. just little things that i have been through .. when im really really down i go in to a thought and feeling of just wanting to feel pure.. and thats when i go to the shower and just sit in the shower for a while... its the one place i feel pure and almost numb..
im not depressed im just different i suppose lol.. i dunoo..
sometimes when i eat food i feel happy and hungy
other time i feel sick and greedy and it gets me angry..
the otherday a few of my friends orderd a chinease take away i didnt eat any cos last timei had chinease i got food poisoning..
when it arrived i felt sick by the smell of it and i started shakeing cause i felt so angry

... im really trying to open up and understand myself.. but i just cant rite now. :(
xxx i am trying though