Women's Heart Health - Olive Oil & Green Leafy Veggies

This is a great article that discusses and recommends leafy green veggies and olive oil for women's heart health;

"Research shows olive oil and veggies equal heart healthAs we all are aware that healthy eating is good for the body and mind, so it should come as no astonishment that a new study had discovered who consume more olive oil and leafy green vegetables as salads have a greatly reduced risk of developing heart disease.Italian researchers discovered that women who had consumed a minimum of leafy vegetables each day had a 40% or greater less likelihood to develop heart disease over an average span of eight years in comparison to those women who consumed two or fewer servings of vegetables each week.Women who had three tablespoons of olive oil each day such as in salad dressing also had a 40% less risk to be diagnosed with heart disease, in comparison to women who consumed less amounts.It is not absolutely certain why particularity green vegetables and olive oil could provide health protection, according to lead researcher Dr. Domenico Palli, of the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute in Florence, Italy. Dr. Palli states most likely the process liable for the protective effect of plant-origin foods on cardiovascular diseases involve micro-nutrients like folate, antioxidant vitamins and potassium which are all in green leafy vegetables.Folate decreases blood levels hymocysteine which is believed to raise the risk of cardiovascular disease by damaging the inner lining of arteries. Other studies have shown people who consume more potassium have lower blood pressure, which can guard the cardiovascular system. Virgin olive oil might be especially effective at decreasing heart disease risk due to its immense level of antioxidant plant compounds.This was not the first study to associate olive oil or vegetables to heart health. Most noted, the traditional Mediterranean diet that is rich in vegetables and monounsaturated fats from olive oil and nuts. It is low in saturated fat from meat and dairy along with being associated to decreased risk for heart disease.Eating Mediterranean style has been attributed to decreasing risk for some cancers, diabetes along with others and just recently slowing brain aging.Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death, accounting for 30% of all deaths worldwide and the leading cause of death in American's of both sexes.To observe more thoroughly at role of foods in protection against heart disease, researchers reviewed dietary data accumulated from almost 30,000 Italian women participating in a large national healthy study. Researchers observed the women with an average age of 50, at the start of the study, on a average of eight years, recording who developed heart disease.Women who had consumed a minimum of one serving (around two ounces) of leafy vegetables like lettuce or cooked vegetables like spinach, had a 46% decreased risk of developing heart disease in comparison to women who had consumed two servings each week.Consumption of a minimum of one ounce olive oil each day had decreased their risk by 44% in comparison to women who had consumed a half ounce or less each day.Women who had consumed other types of vegetables like roots and cabbages along with consuming tomatoes or fruits did not appear to be associated to their risk for major heart events.Fruits and vegetables have been linked with heart benefits in previous studies conducted in Europe and North America. Researchers do caution that the possible lack of positive outcomes from high fruit consumption in their findings could possibly have to do with a different outlook on fruit in Italy. It is inexpensive, varied and readily available therefore, the consumption of a lot of fruit is a broad habit but it does not necessarily mean that the rest of someone's diet is as healthy.Dr. Palli does note that another matter with the study is that women had to report their consumption quantity of various foods and some may not have recalled their diets accurately or could have altered their eating habits during the study. Also, at times people tend to overestimate their healthy behaviors, believe they eat healthier than what they do in actuality.Dark green leafy vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals your body requires to maintain good health. Researchers have suggested that nutrients which are in dark green leafy vegetables just may aide in preventing cancer.Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, romaine lettuce are just some of the dark green leafy vegetables recommended...."


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I always wonder when they do those studies how closely they are monitored; I mean 30 000 women over 8 years? That's a commitnet! And who signs up for a 8 year study?

It is pretty amazing, right? I'm blown away by such studies and the scientists that commit themselves to such extensive research. I like that it was an 8 year study of over 30k women....to me, that's pretty solid.

For sure!