Wondering if i'll ever have a normal relationship with eatin

wondering if i'll ever have a normal relationship with eating or ever like even an inch of my body

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I understand how you feel! I thought I looked fat when I weighed 112 lb. Now I weigh over 180. Although the weight gain has changed my life (leave the house less, wear uglier clothes), my level of emotional distress in relation to my weight is about the same. That's because it's an inside job.

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Heathcliff, you are not alone when it comes to struggling with eating habits. I do and it is hard sometimes. I'm sorry that you are going thru this difficult season in your life. Have you tried figuring out what causes the roller coaster of binge eating that makes us eat thru emotions. What is the root cause of the emotion? I have found out that once you figure that out I can help you with how to naturally overcome the struggle. You will recognize it and learn how to counter react. no medicine simple methods naturally. You can take back control of your mind that sends signals to your brain and thru out your body to stress eating. Its a process and it can be done. Believe in yourself. I do my friend. Hugs :)

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Heathcliff how are you doing?

@Sabio77 Thank you for checking in, I appreciate it - I would say I’m doing better. I’ve been eating well and some days are better than others, but I’m happy.