Worried about friend

I am not here for myself, but for a friend. Really worried about her and I am wondering if anyone knows that if you go into an ER with someone who is suicidal.... can you insist they admit her for her safety? Her Therapist has done nothing. She is pretty manipulative and is able to talk the ER staff out of admitting her because they don't know how she works. I have been a cutter in the past and have had suicidal thoughts as well. We are all human. Right? Just need a little bit of help here if anyone can. Maybe I will have to call a nurse hotline to get help. Not 100% sure on what to do. Maybe no one really knows. She has been doing this for quite a while and it has me beyond concerned.

I dont know if convincing them is the best thing to do, that can make your friend turn on you. But please be there for her, go with her, talk to her, try to convince her to get more help. I had a dear friend committ suicide last year and its the hardest thing you ever have to deal with. And with you being so close to the situation and knowing that she is suicidal if she hurt herself it would make it that much harder on you, especially if you dont try to help her.

As long as she is suicidal try keeping her going into treatment facilities. Cause you will end up probably talking to her till you get full of anxiety and emotional leave it to the professional. It might be the only way she knows how to cry out for help/get attention. Do you know for sure that she will commit suicide? Or is it just her crying wolf? Regardless keep her plugged in with the professionals.