Worried and Sad

I am really worried and feeling sad, my dad is really sick he has some kind of lung disease and he has to get a lung biopsy done to see if he has lung cancer, I am of course thinking that absolute worst and I just have been feeling sad about the whole thing, but I always think the worst and we don't even know for sure yet. I am scared for the worst and not knowing scares me too. I am just really worried as well. On top of this my aunt has breast cancer she getting treatment now.

I'm sorry to hear about your dad and aunt, princess. Not knowing IS the hardest part, but the important thing to reassure yourself is that your dad is in the best possible hands; a problem has been found now a solution must be found. It's natural to assume the worst, its human nature to mentally prep for the worst case scenerio, but the worst case isnt always the outcome...chin up ♥ you will make it through this and we are all here to offer support ♥

Gina thank you for your support and posting so fast cuz I was feeling pretty low, and your post brought a smile to my face it's just helps when I have my supporters there. I hate to say this or think it but I actually have been thinking of self injuring but having you there for me has helped me tremondously, and I am not thinking about it as much so thanks again! Its just helps to have someone there in the moment you know

Oh absolutely! I have had some pretty low moments myself but comming onto here and hearing even one positive comment from someone has made the world of a difference ♥ The kindness of strangers warms my heart ♥

You have summed it up that's exactly the way I feel too!

I am so sorry to hear about your dad and your Aunt. That is very hard to watch the ones you love struggle with their health. I am really glad that you found the support here that you needed and you did not self injure, I am proud of you.

Try to remember that there are a lot of lung issues that can be treated. The fact that he is getting things checked out increases the chance that there wil be a good outcome.

Cassie and Krazy thanks for being there and supporting me. Also you all are right he it's good that they are testing him so they can treat him and also he is in good hands. It helps me tons just having supporters hear.

Cassie thanks for telling me your proud of me for not self injuring.


i am so proud of how mature u are being about this whole thing, that u are capable of making the choices and reach out here for help

although we dont know how life will go we know that u are going to be fine, look at how well u are doing now and its true there are many cures

stay strong and focused and reach out if u need help

so proud of u hon

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Domestic it makes me feel so good when people tell me how proud they are of me. And thanks for you encouraging words about staying strong and focused and keep reaching out when and if I need to, and I will keep doing just that.

It is really hard not knowing, I just got to keep thinking and reminding myself there are treatments.


there are loads of treatments these days and things are never as bad as we think so u keep doing the things u are meant to be doing and dont worry to much, untill u get a reason to

and of course im proud of how far u have come in just a short time u are a super star

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

princess, i am really sorry for your struggle. i know myself how hard it is not knowing. but you can be sure that now your dad is in good hands and whatever may come things will be sorted either way.
you are so strong for not socking in this rough time, it only shows what an amazing woman you are! keep fighting, sweetie!!

love and hugs

Last year my dad had a major life threatening issue and now he is back to golfing twice a week. There is always hope and I am not sure how you are faith wise but I prayed a lot since I could not do anything else but pray and be there for him.

Hey princess, how you holding up today?

Krazy2001 thanks for telling what happened to your dad, and now he's back playing golf twice a week, that helps me to know that.

Gina, thanks for seeing how I am doing today that really mean a lot.

All the support I have gotten has made me feel so much better, so I am doing better today, I know there is hope and I have my supporter friends to help me through this. I really could not do this without you guys help, support, and encouragement so thanks Domestic, Maedi and everyone.

Domestic and Maedi your right and I know he is in good hands and the many treatments that are out there. It's so easy to think or assume the absolute worst but things are never as bad as we think. I am trying my best to not to worry to much. And thanks for the nice things you have said about me.

You're a very smart girl princess, your parents must be so proud. You are showing such strength and courage...but know that it is OK to break down and have a good cry, it can be good for the soul (although not so good for a face full of make up...paging waterproof mascara!) :) hope your NYE is divine!

Thanks Gina, yah your right and I know it's ok to have a good cry, but I hate that feeling and so whenever feel the emotional pain I just want to sock, and so I have been pretty good about reaching out and posting on here. I really couldn't be strong without you guys. So thank you so much, you made me laugh when you said it's good for the soul although not so good for a face full of make up paging water proof mascara, I really needed that laugh! Thanks!

Hehehe *bows* no problem! ;)

So it sounds like you have been strong and have managed not to sock during all of this time of turmoil. Keep staying stong, keep reaching out, and keep us informed. Many positive thoughts to you and your family. The not know IS the worst. Once you can put a name on it then things do feel better no matter how bad they are cause at least then you know what you are fighting and how you will be fighting it. Once you know what is going on they will be able to come up w/ a treatment plan and know that there is a treatment plan will give hope. Right now you and your family are in that limbo of not knowing which is just an anxiety ridden time.
I am proud that you are reaching out. Sorry I have been away for several days not even able to get online. Keep staying strong.