Worried Feelings never seem to ease

In the past couple of weeks I feel like I can't get my act together. I have had these worried feelings in my stomach, I am unable to eat properly everytime I try I just feel ill. I fell like all the doors are closed on me all these horrible and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings going on and nothing seems to ease it.

Jai, Do you think your problem is physical or emotional? Either way I'd say it needs to be checked out by a Doc. Wht oors do you feel are losed to you? Share so we can see if we can help. Hugs, Raylene

I’m having a lot of trouble coping on a regular basis. I have a Psychologist but it is quite often hard to make an appointment or even contact her when things are not going well. I believe it is mainly emotinally but It is effecting me physically. I struggle to stay motivated at work or even in my personal life. At times I feel myself going down hill and it is very hard for others around me to know how to help, especially when I can’t even idetify or explain easier enough what I’m feeling. Not being able to eat, feeling week, unwell, tired, grumpy and agitated extremely, teary.

I don’t feel strong enough sometimes, it makes me miserable. Sometimes it seems like its all going along really smootly and then I fall back to square one again. It most challenging.

Sounds like you have generalized anxiety disorder....it plays on your mind and your emotions that can affect you physically...seems like your going crazy but your to functional to be hospitialized. You can also be quite depressed from it because there doesn't seem to be relief...but eventually there will be. Have you tried hypnosis? It can work to calm you and change your thought pattern a bit...eventually if you work at it all that will disipate just not as immediate as you'd like. I hope you find happiness and a peace of mind.

Ps. there are alot of FREE downloads for hypnosis that you can use right now that will calm you and refocus your mind. Let me know if it works.

Logen, Great advise, I hope some of it helps. Just sharing here and getting input back can have an amazing effect. Please keep us up to date on how your doing and maybe we can share something that will help. Just knowing others are here and care might help some. Hugs, Raylene

Sorry Lojen, didn't mean to rename you.

Thankyou to u both for your suggestions the other day, I took them on board and went to see my GP today. I just feel that yes indeed things have changed in me for the past two years but the past couple of weeks have been the worst I have felt in quite a while. I work full time as an admin assistant and I’m always busy at work and I am very much needed there and valued for who i am. I just find it most challenging to work productively when I feel depressed and frustrated because sometimes I can’t work out why I’m feelin the way I am? Everyday is a different day I never know what kind of mood I will wake up in. I try my best to control my feelings around others cause I don’t want them to think Ill of me for being that way.

Jai, I would hope those who know you well, would understand and want to support you. Regardless of their reaction we will support you. Keep us up to date on how you are feeling. I hope your GP had some productive suggestions for you and things will start leveling out for you soon. Keep posting to us and hopefully you'll get stronger as I have through sharing. Hugs, Raylene