Would you recommend going on medication due to depression

I am 19 year old female and I've ALWAYS been against using medication to get over depression because I thought its something that can be easily cured. I was wrong... I've been going through therapy sessions ever since I was a kid because in elementary my best friend died, then in middle school my grandmother died, and the boy I really liked died. During my high school years I was ok, but I started getting depressed again. Few weeks ago my boyfriend and I started fostering this beautiful dog who I fell in love with. Then her sister came along as well. Long story short they were both ill and I took them to the vet to get treated for parvo on purpose so the rescue group founder wouldn't put them to sleep. I asked her to let us adopt the dogs, but she when psychotic on me and took the dogs away. I was content with the sister, but the dog that we started fostering first won my heart over. When I would visit her in the hospital she would start crying and whining and kissing me all over. I couldn't take it. I begged that woman to let me adopt them, but once again she said no... After they took her away I got really depressed. I feel like my own child is gone. I don't sleep well, I don't eat well, I act like I am doing fine, but I cant stop crying. I don't know if medication will help or not, but I don't have any other choice. I cant live like this. Its been almost two weeks, and I've been going through this every single day ever since they took her.

i am so sorry to hear about the dog. i love animals and know how heart breaking that can be to lose an animal. have you looked into adopting another dog? i know another can’t replace this dog in your heart, but perhaps looking into getting a dog vs fostering could be good. as for meds, its up to you and your doctor. i know what you mean when you say you have been against it, cause i always believe in natural medicine. but if you are not feeling great then talk to your doctor about it. i’m sure you could even talk to your doctor about trying some natural remedies first to see if that works. either way be sure to call your doctor and let them know what is happening. also keep writing here.