Wow I'm so done with most of my family...they called the cop

Wow I'm so done with most of my family...they called the cops on me and lied and said I was saying I was gonna kill myself which I NEVER said!!! Im not talking to my brother sister and sister in law anymore!!!

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As if it weren't embarrassing enough one of the emts was a guy I went to church with!!!

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@Jo722 OMG, Wow!! Talk about a bad holiday. So sorry this happened

I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, that would be a bit embarrassing. Any ideas why your family would call the cops and say that about you?

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@jaguerrhye because I’m agoraphobic and they were “helping” me yea whatever!!

Wow is right. What a visious thing to do. I assume you talked the cops out of it since you're posting. You must be livid.

@Namaste250 I did talk them out of it because I’m not suicidal they evaluated me asked me a million questions it was so embarrassing and I am pissed this is soooo messed up my sis in law only called bc she’s been drinking! Maybe she should get herself in check!

They tried to pink slip me for no freaking reason!!

whats a pink slip?? wait are you in Ohio?

@Ck80211 force u to be taken against ur will to a facility

I called my dad and he immediately drove home while my mom called the police station and told them it was a lie

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Yeah the Union Township police did that to me after my friend called the VA and then a VA Nurse called me after I stuck a gun to my head. all 20 Union Township cops showed up…and wha la…I became a resident of Clermont Mercy for a week. Yeah that sucks they tried that on you…especially on Thanksgiving. Good thing your parents are there for you

@TennisPlayer to an involuntary inpatient treatment facility and they just said I need help but I’m working on it and that was NOT the way to get an agoraphobic to leave! I got a knock on my door of my sis brother sis in law like 5 emts and like 3 cops!