Wow it looks like there's a lot of people here that can rela

Wow it looks like there's a lot of people here that can relate to the struggles I have faced with my narcissistic ex husband. As if my nightmare couldn't have gotten worse, he married someone that is totally on his side and harasses me as much as he does! I'm in a nightmare with them alienating me from my kids and I feel like a cry for help!

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Welcome to the family! We have all experienced narcs. I am glad I wasn't married to or had kids with mine. Have you tried gray rock? Is is a technique for those that can't go no contact. It might help ease some stress for you...and would drive the narc crazy lol

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As far as the new woman....there is no need to interact with her at all.

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The new wife hasn't figured him out yet and is only trying to please him and make him happy. The same stupid mistake we all made at first. She will have to learn the hard way. Ignore her.

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@collateral damage yup totally agree she’s still at that honeymoon period once he starts putting her down she will realise it…ur job is to try ignore them both …if they say anything don’t respond to them maybe even find out if you can put any restraining order against them I.e. Evidence of text mssgs or emails of abuse

What is gray rock? I can't click the link. I don't talk to her anymore after learning how crazy and brainwashed she is. I tried to be friendly for the sake of my children, but no matter what I do 'I'm crazy'. He told her I cheated and left him.. Which of course, is the other way around. Its a long story and seemingly an unending battle. I'm just sick of them trying to erase me from my children's life! I agreed to 50/50 custody because I don't want my kids to resent me for keeping them from their dad and I'm regretting that decision.

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@Blessedgirl505 hi and welcome. Gray rock is basically where you give just very simple basic answer without getting into any conversation whatsoever. A simple yes or no for example. No conversation at all. As far as the new wife ignore her she will be on the support site here with us before long. As far as him you have no choice because you do have children so please educate yourself as best as possible on gray rocking and also narcissistic personality disorder. Don’t take anything they say to heart because who cares anyway. Just worry about yourself and your kids and move on with your life and don’t get caught up in their’s. Hugs

Thanks! I've never heard of that term and I'm working on it! Just recently I've really realized I've been in denial about this abuse and really blamed myself. I'm sick of letting him eat me up! The circumstances I am in now are hard enough without all of this harassment too. Thanks!! This is exactly what I need to heal.. People that understand. I feel so alone!

It works well. I have kids. It takes a lot of self discipline to bite your tongue, but they lose interest quickly.

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Gray rock is what I do. It was hard then I realized he is so miserable he wants to make me miserable too with his text messages. So now when he messages me, I giggle at his misfortune lol