Wow what just happened

so i went and got an all-inclusive STD test last thursday that tested for just about all of the different types of stds and sti's. i got my results back for everything except for hepatitis and herpes the next day and was relieved to find out that everything came back negative. then, i get a phone call this morning as im getting ready for work, and it was the man with the rest of my lab test results. he told me when i took the tests that if he called me and said that i had nothing to worry about, that i wouldnt have to come and pick up my test results, but if he said that my results were ready to be picked up, then id have to make my way down to the lab and pick up the results. i was so shocked when he told me to come to the lab. my heart began pounding. when i went to the lab, he printed out my test results and told me to follow him to the back of the office. he showed me my results and everything was black except for one test that was in blue. it was the herpes-2 results. it said that i was positive for herpes-2. my world just got rocked right at that moment. here i am, a healthy 23 year old about to head to work, when all of a sudden im holding a piece of paper in my hands that pretty much ruined so many of my hopes and dreams of having children, being a good father and husband. i almost began to cry right there. as i crept out of the office, i kept thinking to myself, "how the hell am i supposed to go to work and wait on tables at my restaurant with a smile on my face?" i sat in my car for a good 10 minutes before swallowing my pride and going into work. i didnt even have time to look any information up online about it. at work all i wanted to do was leave and go kill myself. how am i supposed to tell my family? how am i supposed to tell my friends? most of all, how am i supposed to tell my ex girlfriend? i am so crushed right now, i feel like im worthless and just about ready to die. i really need some help and support. i dont understand how after so many years that there is no cure for herpes yet.... there is no way that all of the millions of dollars in donations to find cures for the major diseases in the world are all coming up with no results.. someone is stealing all of our money. what really sucks is that i never showed any symptoms of herpes, i just wanted to get tested for everything just in case. please help me out there somebody, before i really lose it.

needsupport23 - you will make it through this. I am sure you feel like you got the wind knocked out of you, but your life is not over and you can still have that future. I have a family friend who got herpes at a young age and she was able to date adn get married. But her big thing was being open with every person. That is what she would tell us, that any time she was close with someone she would let them know and they could decide for themselves.

You will make it through this. Talk to the doctor about treatment and what you can do to keep others safe, and just be honest with any girls in the future. Know your life is not over you can get through this.

I gotta tell ya bro, I know the feeling.
One thing you HAVE TO REALIZE, and this is a MUST for all of us who are infected with this nasty virus - it is only a VERY TINY TINY TINY PART of WHO YOU ARE.
TRUST ME, I have been living with this crap for like 3 years now, actually am in the middle of an OB at the moment. It sucks! I KNOW! But it is such a small part of who you are!

Trust me, it may be God's way to weed out those who are no good for you. Now you're FORCED to get to know someone on a personal level BEFORE sex is involved. It really can kind of be a good thing - after all, when someone accepts you with what you have, you know you have a keeper :)
Chin up bro, more people have it than you know...

Im 18, still a senior in highschool and just found out yesterday i have HSV-2, i knew something was wrong when they wanted to talk to me about my results...i have no idea how to cope,i dont know how im going to tell my boyfriend?! i know how you feel, but i also know its not the end of the world..

txchic2011 - i’m sorry to hear about that. But now that you know you can be healthy and work with your doctors to keep your boyfriend and other people safe. I think telling your boyfriend is like ripping off a bandaid, just have to do it. It won’t be easy, but hopefully he will be understanding a get tested as well.

needsupport23: I have had herpes going on 17yrs now and I felt the exact same way you are feeling now. You don't need to tell your family until you are comfortable or don't tell them at all but you do need to tell your ex. Do a lot of research because the more you learn about what you have the more you will feel in control and not be as scared. You CAN STILL be a wonderful husband and father there are more people than you think out there that will understand. I have been married for 15yrs to a wonderful man and I have a child, yes I had a lot of no thank you's but to me that was a way of thinning out the "frogs" so I would be closer to finding my "prince". Don't give up hope and yes it's going to take time to feel better but if I can do it so can you!

Newly diagnosed, myself, today. I feel a lot like you do. I think what we need to do now is dig deep man, like you've never done b4 and hold on. Just hold on for a few minutes until it becomes a few days and so on. Right now I'm having to remind myself to just breathe. So just breathe with me, okay?

EVERYONE who have any sort of HERPES. I have HSV2 otherwise known as genital herpes. I've had it for about 4 years now. I have to tell you something that was one of the most liberating experiences I have had the other day concerning my perspective on life and my position with this life altering virus.

For the past few years I have been in this mindset that "If and when I meet someone, I am going to delay having sex for as long as I can, that way I can build up a relationship with them and then when the time comes before we have sex, let her know." This way I would be able to build a relationship and then when I disclose the secret I would have a foundation to work off of. Well, to tell you the truth, it is NOT a good idea. I have tried it, and in the long run, holding this secret becomes harder and harder to hold in. Anxiety and insecurity starts to seep through your pores - the relationship will become rocky and then excuses for these insecurities will only cause more problems - TRUST me.

Well a few weeks ago I finally came out and told whom I have been talking to for a long time. I set it all up, tried to word it any way I could to not make it very hard to take, and it was all a waste of time! I told her, and she calmly took it in and was very understanding and empathetic. She understood why I was holding it back for so long but called me a fool for doing so. When I told her and she was so understanding, my entire perspective changed.
Since then we have split, but for other reasons. I ended up meeting someone several days ago and I disclosed the fact that I have herpes right up front. (Not like Hi nice to meet you I have herpes...) We had a good conversation, figured that we were attracted to each other, then she told me that she has HPV. (Which I also do have)
When she told me this, I was overwhelmed with a boost of confidence and replied "Oh I have that too, and I also do have herpes."
She tool it calmly and understanding as well and very glad she found out by me telling her and not by surprise - she also said she has much more respect for me for disclosing it to her. She is aware that if we both take medication and use condoms and monitor ourselves than chances of spreading are significantly reduced.

I am so thrilled that I can come out like this at the beginning of a relationship! I have had the biggest weight lifted off of my chest, I have a whole new boost of confidence and a whole different perspective of myself. I am comfortable with who I am and what I have.

I just had to share this with everyone... I am saying this in hopes that anyone else in this position may find hope and encouragement.

hi im new to this i was diagnose with GH about two months ago. I knew the person that gave it to me and i was mad at her but i realized that she too did not know she had it. i accpet the fact that i have it but right now i feel that no where in the future i will have a realtionship because of this. im trying to figure out if i do talk to a girl and it gets serious and the oint of having sex comes up i will have to tell her i have GH. That would be hard and i dont know what i would say.

I found out yesterday and am in agony,pretty much all the time. ive got lidocaine cream and tablets. im finding it difficult to eat, drink or sleep have only managed 2 pees without squealing like a stuffed pig and that was in the shower. Being my time of the month takes the piss, the thought of trying to have a poo again terrifies me. I cant get up off the sofa thank god my ex has taken the kids for a few days everyone thinks ive got a kidney infection so i managed to get a week off work, im scared i wont be mobile and pain-free enough to cope with my kids in 4 days time and work in 5. i feel dirty (understatement) and i cant accept ill never b able to safely have a one-night stand with a condom again is this true? I really love sex but am pants at relationships. Will i ever feel the ecstacy of a man inside me again. I can't talk to anyone i know because i live in a rural town and i cant bear for my kids to be bullied because of a mistake i made, its happened to others before. My best friend no's something is wrong because i broke up yesterday with my current partner and i cant tell her its because im scared and guilt ridden that i may have given him this.

to victoria1981 thanks for the advise i really appreciate it

niceguy1984 - of course, i hope that it helps you and know that is will all work out. while its hard now, you will be ok. just stay strong, be healthy and honest and you will be good.

thanks for all of your support everyone... doing much better thank G-d!! just keep your faith that everything will be ok...