Never new that so many people have the same thing as me. I am a paranoid schizophrenic. I have been think this since age 1 but the doctors didn't diagnois me with it until 19. My life has been hell for 18 years of my life. I finally found some meds that helps but wanted to meet people and see that i wasn't the only one with this. I'm on 235mg of invega, 600mg of saruqel, and 80mg of strateria. This has been the best improvment of my life. I use to be very bad. went to jail, didn't have schooling down, friends thought i was taking drugs. Now I have never been so alive until the day they gave me this diagnoises because that hit the nail on the head.

late diagnosis better than never diagnosed :)
I like the sentence ( never been so alive until diagnosed )
I agree with you , life just started for you , stick with it and live every minute :)

Does those meds really work?

Meds are like Magic if you find the right med,
for me its working very well :)