Wrote a letter to SHAPE magazine

Hello all,
Every month in shape magazine they feature multiple stories about women who have lost a significant amount of weight and how they did it, and what their diet and exercise plan consisted of. It bothers me that they focus only on the positive effects diet and exercise and weight loss can have on ones life. I decided to write a letter and submit MY story about weight loss...

I told them in the story how I began to lose weight the healthy way, but plateaued and developed an ED. I talked about my ED and the effect it has on my life and loved ones. I told them they have a responsibility to educate people on both the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE effects. All too often a simple 'diet' can morph into an ED. I begged them to educate people on the early warning signs of disordered thoughts and what to do if you think you have developed or are suffering from an ED.

Fingers crossed, though doubtful, that they will educate their readers on this topic that is very near to all of us.

YEA YEA YEA im so proud of you , you have no idea how much!!!!!!! this is outstanding! i think ill follow your lead here..... what if they got 2 letters?? hmm???

where do i write these idoits--um sorry i mean people?? this would be so brave and great to do for US... all of us on here---to make them see that them forcing weight loss down our throats is soo wrong!

amazing gina , your amazing!!!!!!


M, i emailed you their email addy :)

Let's make it a group movement--see how many people on here we can get to write in! I'd go for it!

true image you are right----

OK --everyone ---i think (if you want to ) i think we should write a letter to a comapany you feel is triggering to you. im doing a letter to a deit group called Sensa and i see their ads all over t.v. and online....

i hate hate those ads..so im going to put together a letter and mail it off---once i am calmed down!!!

if we all chip in, and speak up, maybe these idiot magazines /diet companies wil listen to us...

we are the consumers--right????


I am completely in on this guys! And Gina- good for you for writing that letter- I'm proud of you. My therapist (who specializes in ED) says that there are almost no magazines she feels comfortable having in her waiting room- they're all so triggering! Every week or month there is a least one article about losing weight, dieting, how so and so maintains their figure, etc. Even Reader's Digest does it!



i think it would be good for us to voice our opinions on their sick weight loss obsessions...once we stand up for ourselves and not give into their stupidity--

we will feel much stronger!!!!!!!!


I agree! It's hard enough for me to go to the grocery store and buy food anyways... I don't need to be inundated with dozens of triggering magazines while I'm waiting in line to pay! I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but still. Even one major magazine with a more realistic attitude would be helpful!

i would like to write in to shape as well. could you send their addy to me as well. it would be something healthy i can put effort into.


Sure, the addy is [email protected] this is where people send their weight loss success stories....I can copy and paste what I wrote but i have weight loss #'s in it....oh i guess i can edit and take out the numbers....

My desire to lose weight: Wanted desperately to get healthy; after having my weight be an issue at a previous employers, I wanted to prove to myself and the world that I could make a positive change. I started my quest by going on a diet of 2 meal replacement shakes a day and one sensible low cal meal of approxxxx-xxxx calories. My story is not like any others you have ever published. I'm hoping you will take the time and read it and understand why im sharing it with you today. While diet and exercise are important in weight loss, and you're articles tend to focus on the positives that come with losing the weight....but what about the negatives? My 'healthy diet and exercise' plan quickly morphed into an eating disorder called ED-NOS. I have traits from anorexia, severe restriction, starvation; but my body weight is not low enough to be considered full blown anorexic. I also have traits from Bulimia, purging what I do eat but not often enough to be full blown bulimic. I also suffer from Exercise Bulimia, which is commonly known as Exercise Addiction. The weight was comming off just through normal diet and exercise, but I plateaued around the xx lb mark of my weight loss journey; at that point my disordered relationship with food and exercise begun and the next xx lbs were lost as a result of my Eating Disorder. I would love to share my struggles and story with you; I think it is extremely important to educate your readers on the good vs bad efffects society and dieting can have on a person. This is far more common then you think. You do a wonderful job on educating about the positive effects of weight loss, why not educate on the negative effects? Warning signs, what to do if you think you have a problem, treatment options etc.....

I have no attached pics because i fear you will simply dismiss this email and click 'delete' just as quickly as you clicked 'open'. I can share my story, provide pics and anything else you need if you are interested in discussing this topic with your readers, which i believe to be the right thing to do.

Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you will consider this...
Looking forward to a response,

wow. that was well written. i hope they do something with it. you showed a point without being overbearing. well done :) i think i am going to work on mine tomorrow when i get up. it will give me something to do in the morning.

Lilac, that is really well written. To-the-point and powerful, but not negative and condemning. Good job

I like this proactive effort!! Our opinions and concerns need to be voiced and it just might get some attention. I don't think it can hurt anything!
Good job everyone..a campaign!! I'm in!! Jan ♥

Woo hoo i'm glad everyone is on board!

You're AMAZING!!!! What a wonderful idea and letter :)

Lilac (Gina)

You are amazing. You are going through such a struggle and yet you still reach out and think of others. I think you are soooooo awesome. I think most of the time I introvert into myself with this whole ED thing and can't seem to break out. I can't seem to help me or anyone else around me. Sorry if I sound negative.

I wish I could be more proactive. I wish I could be more proactive with myself in my own fight.
My husband got mad at me last night and said that if he wasn't around to feed me I wouldn't eat anything. And yet, I thought I was doing good to eat what I had eaten. Maybe I am further into this whole ED cycle than I had thought.

lilac---love love your letter!!!!!!! wonderful!!!! im so happy for you!!!! i am sooooooo gonna write letter to Shape and Sensa! but i fear my anger would take over and be a nastily written letter, so i am going to put it off a few days so i cna level out my anger towards them... i am thinking of things to say yet they all sound --ummmm so angry towards them! i so fear my anger is gonna get the better of me( especially towards Sensa) and the letter is going to be too emotional..so im gonna wait a bit...to write it...

i love love this and that you are giving yourself a voice!!!!!!! let us all give ouresleves a voice and speak up and out against this weight loss insanity!!!!!!!!

im glad everyone is on board, and im so so proud of you!!!!!


Thanks M! Actually when I wrote the letter I was very angry, I think being angry and in the heat of the moment CAN bring out profanity and such but I also think the truth speaks for itself, you know? I doubt i'll hear anything back from them. They are a magazine that promotes health, women, beauty, and weight loss... since weight loss is a huge section of the magazine, it would probably confuse their readers reading about an ED. I think its their responsibility though to speak up...but they will likely not promote being happy with your weight as a lot of their ad's and sponsors are from weight loss companies...

Shana, i'm sure your husband is just frustrated. We are the ones WITH the ED, I often wonder how the people who live with me feel/handle their feelings towards it.

yeah i know , my faincee said the same thing--that becasue they are so focused on weight loss and make money money money off weight loss they might not care about how we feel. but you know what ? it is good to try. you NEVER know. remember rosa parks??? she was ONE person who stood up for something she thought was wrong and thats all it took to start up the topic of racism...

her ONE voice raised the bar and open eyes to soo many people!!!

so you never know..

and if anything it gives US a voice an dmakes us feel empowered like they cant pull the woolover our eyes...so even if they dont care it is empowering for us...'


Me and Bazoo are sending SHAPE a letter too.