X-mas eve

well it is now christmas eve. in my old life and routines i would be out hussling up some dope, today is different and i too am different.
no dreams in a couple nights.
no cravings today (holiday cravings)
so i think i am recovering from my addiction.

Hi gladyspeek, How are you doing today? How was your Christmas? I am very glad to read your share about how different your life is today. Life will continue to get better. Keep hanging in there and taking it one day at a time. Keep coming and letting us know how you are doing. ((((hugs))))

I am well. Christmas was good very happy it is now over. how was yours? I do know life will get better every day. I overcame a great wall over the weekend. a few weeks ago we met a girl at a bar we go to once a week, after talking awhile i revealed I am a addict in recovery. At fist she said she was too and so we really clicked (so i thought) the next time we seen her she came to our place for a drink before going home. all she talked about was doing coke for the holidays together. well she never called which i was happy about, then on sunday we ran into her again from the minute of reuniting (she did call because her phone was lost, blessing in disguise if you ask me) any way all she talked about was finding dope and getting high. I was very proud of myself telling her no not a good idea. she left and i am hopeful i will not run into her again. the tests are there i feel as a test in our recovery. the old days i would of been right along with her looking and talking. now it just not a good thing. some people are better to just know in passing and that is it.
sorry about all that had to get it out.