Hey I was wondering if anyone on here can, tell me a little about xanax, like what are the side effects, how well does it work and is it pretty fast acting, does the effectiveness out weight the side effects? Does anyone know if it comes in a liquid or a capsule so I can sprinkle it in ice-cream or yogurt? The reason why I ask because my counselor have suggested that I get a prescription for it, but I want to do some research and ask people about the medicine that may take it well if you take Xanax and you don't mind telling me a little bit about it I would really appreciate it. Thanks


It works great, it is a benzodiazepine, which just means it is a tranquilizer. The side effects, well, tiredness, and the worst part is that when you do take them, the next day I can be sometimes more nervous. It is pretty fast acting, i usually take it an hour before I go to school, which has it kicking in when I get to class. Their is a brand that dissolves on your tongue, which may work quicker, it is more expensive however and has a bitter aftertaste.

The do say it is addictive, but if you do not have problem with drug abuse I would not worry about it. I take it when I have to, like when the panic sets in and I have to get something done. It really takes the edge off. I like it. For myself I want to get to where I do not need it, but I like the option. I do think exposure therapy is better in the long run for anxiety and panic though.

And oh, alprazolam is the generic, same stuff, but only like 15 bucks for 30 at cvs. Have a good one

I am on it and it helps me.
I take the generic Alprazolam.
I have never sprinkled it on ice cream yet but take it only as needed , that has been 2 or 3 times daily .