Yay! i can start posts again...let the posting mania begin

YAY!!! I CAN START POSTS AGAIN...Well...Not really. Site still acting up. :/ Works only sometimes on a different browser.

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Awesome sentiment :-)

Thats too funny!

Did someone tell you to stop posting?

@bebobaBetty No, it seems like technical issues. Every time I typed something there was no post button visible to post what I typed.

The problem still persists in a different browser. So , I’m in a different browser now but things on the site still seem slow like some others are complaining.

No, i haven't reported my issue yet. I want to make a log of when it happens, how long the posts are that I want to put on here, see if I can figure it out

@seeking_answers19985 I was told SG has no control over site ‘bugs’. They gave me one or two suggestions and nothing worked. So, looks like they don’t know …how to resolve technical issues on here or just don’t have the control to improve glitches.

I’m just so surprised that info@supportgroups haven’t responded to my e-mail. That’s never happened. I’m assuming they have many reports to resolve. If I get anymore frustrated…will leave and find another support group site.

In regard to the photo you posted, among other things, are there guys you know who want a woman to have a phd? I've never known any guy like that. In fact, most guys i've know couldn't care less about her formal education experience.

I wouldn't mind a woman with a PhD. But I'm not most guys.