Yeah so like my boyfriend is good and all right but the thin

yeah so like my boyfriend is good and all right but the thing is he has this problem where he cant text me back and i swear to god this mkaes me so angry i cant even breath and i feel if i were to text him or call him about how i feel he wont even answer which will add to my anger and i dont really feel like taking the chance to add fuel to this fire that is burning inside of me. i feel like im an so furious because i told him about how much it bpthers me and i hate that i have to repeat my self. so i try my best not to but i swear to god my mid is going to explode if this kid cant just tesxt me back. he even posted something on instagram about love and **** and didnt even tag or mention me right so like i decided to look at his old post and see that he has no problem of tagging people in his photos especially one girl which really pisses me off i cant even breath i want to cry so badly but you know its just something i cant really deal with right now. so ill tell him this one more time and i will try my best to keep calm and keep myself at bay and not explode on him.

Well, I wonder why he's tagging some girl? And what does he say about not texting you back? He doesn't sound all that good right now. Usually people text their friends and gf's back. You shouldn't have to run him down he should just act normal and text back, sure sometimes we can't text someone back right away and maybe not til the next day but usually a person with common courtesy will apologize and have a brief explanation ad to why.

@Littleturtle1000 the picture where he tagged the girl was from a year ago, it just bothers me that since we are dating, he did not even mention me in any way. i get why hes so cautious in our relationship but i hope he can understand that i would never hurt him. its pretty basic to say that but i always assure him with how i feel about him

Communication is key, make sure you are both mature enough to have a conversation at a time that you can both take the time to relay how each person is feeling, as well as really listen to other person. To make the relationship work, you will both have to work at it, it is never easy but if both sides can work and truly commit to it, it can work out. Praying for you!

@Busymama1013 thanks for the advise but he broke up with me