Years of knowing that something was going on the whole time

Years of knowing that something was going on the whole time. Being treated like I was crazy and I "have issues" But finally being told the truth doesnt doesnt change the way I have felt for so long. Now I question everything. Its funny when you have been lied to and manipulated for so long you can tell when you still are even after being told that he would be honest about everything and wants to gain trust. Now I cant even talk to him about how im feeling because he just blows off what im saying.

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Facing the same thing it got to the point Im just really hostile around him like I have no respect for him even when I look at the things I love about him or try to humanize him he acts like I'm the one in the wrong and never owns up

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Experiencing same right now.

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@Martian Mate, thanka for that I hoped there would be a term for what is happening to me.

@martain You know I have been reading alot on any subject that relates to cheating, psychology and so on. Thank you I will be reading your links soon.

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