Yes I am new

Sorry if I have overwhelmed you. It is just that I found you tonight and have been battling this monster most of my life. Also, I need all of the friends I can get who truly understand where I am coming from. Thanks

Alot would like to know WHAT the battle IS w/some men, maybe if you would be willing to really share it would assist others in understanding more of what MEN go through. Would be refreshing for a change to say the least.

Women would like to know WHY some men would prefer to conquer all women instead of developing & keeping a healthy sexual relationship ALIVE w/one women. I've only seen ONE guy here do his best to try & inform us "ISO", glad he was willing to participate.

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Hope you feel like the battle is subsiding. I have read these posts before. I like April's response. But since you don't post back, I hope and pray you are well.