Yesterday I found out I have contracted herpes and man it wa

Yesterday I found out I have contracted herpes and man it was a blow. I feel a little lost like what do I do now? I know I will make it out and on top, but right now the depression is very overwhelming for me. Is this is something that was experienced by others? I usually do not let myself go to that state cause depression can be so dark. Plus I do have a couple of questions about this if anyone finds the time to answer. Thank you- Alicia

Hi Alicia! I'm going through a rough time too but I have confided in a few close friends, who try and help keep me positive. Sadly I was lied too and robbed by two men on my sexual health, we even used protection and had conversations. What are your Qs? Might be able to help :)

I also found out that I have herpes yesterday. I feel lost, disappointed, and afraid. It's hard to hear that something "cannot be cured." Does anyone know how to make this easier to cope with? I had a boyfriend who I trusted dearly and when we broke up he admitted that he cheated more than enough on me and now I have this disease a 6 months later. I am currently in a relationship and don't know if I can be intimate with this person due to fear of giving it to them. I just really need someone who has experienced this for awhile to help me calm down. Thank you

I have been reading up on as much info about the disease, like you, I just found out yesterday and it was a shock. I never realized I had an STD, especially herpes. I was married for 28+ yrs so it's possible he gave it to me & we didn't know. It's possible not to have symptoms or a mild symptom, like I had a few BO that I thought was yeast infections or something so never had a testing. I think it's important that you discuss & disclose the info to anyone you plan on being close to. I feel the same way, but determined to get thru this, we have to stay strong.

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I'm 14, living with herpes. I know what you mean, I also went through that depression. But, let me tell you something. Herpes isn't a big deal. The only reason it's so frowned upon and mocked is because of the stigma that comes with it. Dirty, slu.t, dumb and so many more. Herpes does not discriminate. Doctors, virgins, scientists, children, teens and adults. Anybody can get it, in fact you are now apart of a majority not a minority. More than 50 percent of Americans have hsv-1 or 2. About one in six people ages 14-49 in the United States have genital HSV-2 infection. However, most people don’t know they are infected because their symptoms are too mild to notice or mistaken for something else. You are not alone in this. Infact, before you were diagnosed you more than likely already contracted some type of herpes. Chicken pox, hives, shingles etc etc. These are all types of herpes only less stigmatized and that is why the world views them so much more acceptable than hsv-1 or 2. Just because you are able to get through sexual contact. I know times must be very hard for you right now, dealing with the depression and acceptance of herpes. The best thing you can do is have a good support system that wont judge you. Family, friends or partners. I really do promise that things are going to get so much better once this depression has finally passed. But, until then surround yourself with those who make you feel loved and accepted.

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Well I understand that, however, most ppl are not educated about STD's and because of the stigma, I haven't been able to tell any family or friends. Hopefully I will be able to once I get to that point of comfort level about it myself. Will take some time

Cold sores are herpes. How many of your friends get it. 80% have hsv1. Its not uncommon

Hey there. I think we all have been feeling exactly what you are feeling at the moment we were diagnosed. I felt like my life was shattered and I was dirty. But now I have had it for 3 months, and it gets so much easier!! It rarely affects you physically after the first outbreak, but the mental aspect is where it really gets you. You just have to remember that so many people have this disease and you are only human. We make mistakes, things happen, but you can come out of this a stronger person. For me it gave me the wake up call I needed, to really value myself and who I give myself to. You will get through this rough patch, it may take a few weeks but you will see the light soon enough. :)

I think you have to ask yourself why do i feel this way. What does hsv stop me doing? Whats so bad about it? Its a virus nothing more