Yesterday the doctor finally called me to tell me my test re

Yesterday the doctor finally called me to tell me my test results. I broke down and got so depressed. I've been trying to deal with this since... The doctor told me it was most likely given to me by oral sex. I finally told him yesterday when I found out. He didn't even care to ask why I went to the doctor last week. Thing is, we were never together. I met him at work and then we have been talking/messing around this past month. I told him and all he said was "please tell me your messing with me right now" and I said uh I wish I was but this is nothing to play about, this is my life... He said wow okay and I said I would prefer for you to go get checked and show me the papers and to not take it out upon me because it is not my fault and I did not ask for this.... And he ignored me. He hasn't said anything since then and we both have work tomorrow, all the way until Wednesday.... I don't know what to do. How can I face this or him? Why is he ignoring me? He had to of known about this. He is taking this way too lightly!!!!!!!

You're right. That's not an appropriate response to something like that. Confront him and tell him you don't want him to ignore you, that this is serious

That's what I want to do! And just tell him look ignoring me is not going to make this any better, we need to deal with this!! I feel like he is so careless and I don't hate him because what if he didn't know he had it? I need to know all of this for sure and from his mouth. I'm trying my best to be positive about this and just be thankful it cannot kill me and I still have my whole life. I'm scared to ever open up to someone again and this time I have to tell them I have a virus. Idk.... I know I have to find happiness somewhere and to make myself comfortable before anything.

men are jerks sometimes. he may have given it to you. try not to focus on who gave it to you and more on yourself. If I was in your place I would not talk to him again and just worry about yourself. you did the right thing by telling him so just leave it at that.

The only thing you can do is ACT professionally at work and don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you upset about it. the thing is he may not even know he has it but if he gave it to you through oral sex he could potentially have had cold sores in the past and therefore he would know about it. perhaps you could say to him that given that he has not responded to you at all you hoped that he will do the right thing in future that if he is aware that he has HSV that he disclose it to partners or he goes and gets tested so that he is taking responsibility for future partners. if he is such a guy that is an arsehole then you can't do much about it and unfortunately you will have to just let it go

before you do you say anything further to him though you need to be very sure that you think that you got it from him.

at the time that I had my outbreak it was close to the time I had slept with a new person it was a one off so I assumed it was him and as it turned out it was not him nor was it to other people I had been within the last 9 months so just be very careful accusing.

regardless of the fact you now have this and please trust me that it does get better and you will see there a lot of people who feel the same as you at the start but it is something that is manageable and you will get through it

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You did exactly what you needed to. He just needs some time to process it. Hopefully he's processing it. Just keep doing your thing and give him a little space to respond. The more space and distance you give him the deeper he'll think about it. It works for me at least. You've planted your seed so now give some time to grow before you check on it