Yesterday was HORRIBLE

So yesterday was probably one of the worst days i've had in a long time. Nothing out of the usual happened. I was just severely depressed from the time I woke up. My boyfriends friend and cousin died all in the same week so he's been depressed too. Its really hard for me to be supportive. I had a really close friend die a little over a year ago and my boyfriend wasn't very supportive because this friend and I had slept together a long time ago. But thats not why its hard for me to be supportive for him, its because he just shuts me out. He's been really irritable and it seems like just every word that comes out of my mouth is wrong. Hes never been rude to me before yesterday. We've had arguments but he's never been rude. I know its because its hard for him to go through all this right now but I don't know what to do. I've always been really good at helping my friends through tough times but thats because they open up to me, he just tries to act like it doesn't bother him when it shows that it does. I feel horrible and I want to show him I care. On top of that he promised we'd get my hair done this weekend and he'd pay for it, but now everytime i tell him not to worry about it he gets defensive and mad and then whenever i say something about making an appointment he says he just doesn't know. I know even know how to talk to him lately. Between his depression over the loss of his friend and cousin and my depression were just a mess. Feedback please :-) I just don't know how to help him!

Hi. I used to be a very closed person. I went through some years where I was really depressed. My friends kept asking what was wrong but I just never said anything. I think that different people deal with things differently.

It looks like he has just shut off from the entire world including you. Maybe that is how he is dealing with his grief. I do applaud for trying so hard and he is lucky to have someone like you in his life.

When I look back at how I was, I had a friend who never left me no matter how big of an a-hole I was to him. He just let me know that he would be there to help, to listen and eventually I opened up.

I hope this kind of helps....

That does help a lot! I'm going to tell him that he means a lot to me and if he wants to talk I'm here! thanks for your help!!