Yesterday was the day I went one week without pulling, but t

Yesterday was the day I went one week without pulling, but today I was extremely stressed out and started pulling excessively does anyone have any tips that can help me stop pulling?

If you do it before bed I like to put castor oil on. One because it's hard to pull with excessive oil and two it smells so don't get ur hands in it

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@josygeek Thank you!! I appreciate the great tip!

It might not work for you but it helps me so I thought its worth mentioning it. I made a colourful poster that I stuck on the fridge. Every day I walk past the fridge I see the poster with I can do this. I can stop. I will stop pulling. Never give up. It's motivating. Each day I don't pull I write the date and stick a round sticker down. After 7 days my other half will reward me if I made it to 7 days. If not I start over. I won't give up. Also when I am alone I try wet my hair so I don't have the urge to pull. When I watch tv I would fold my hands together. I sometimes sit in front of my other half so he can keep an eye on me. I also do yoga in the mornings you can download an app. Exercising helps a lot and talking to someone about it that you know wont just judge you. I found when I overthink my thoughts wander and I will pull. I try not to over think to say stop, enough moving on. I hope some of these tips can help you. xxx

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@Jelly-bean-sparkles Thank you so much for taking the time to share these wonderful tips! I have never tried the poster method, but truly intend on doing so! Once more thank you!