You are a strong person if you are reading this. You're seek

You are a strong person if you are reading this. You're seeking help, or supporting others, which is absolutely amazing. Give yourself some much deserved credit today.

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@RainbowinTheDark I loved your post! It is very inspirational, my friend.... I hoped you are alright today, we are Here for you.... Remember you're not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... Hugs my friend.

@Irma thanks for the support!

Thanks for writing! Stay strong!

ArmyVet, I totally understand what you mean, I have PTSD from 9 years of Us Army with 3 deployments to Iraq. I ETS'd Jan 2015 and have been coping through Prozac, marijuana and occasionally alcohol. I received a DUI in Feb due to late night out partying to deal with loss of sleep, life disposition and just not caring. I am doing so much better with counseling from the VA Hospital and court ordered rehabilitation. Sometimes I feel like a failure because I have never been in any trouble and humbled me mostly. But seek assistance with positive friends and family to include therapy. You can do it Battle! Marijuana does help and until any of us can receive it medically through prescription lets just wait and find other ways so that we don't make bad decisions that will affect us financially or endanger someone's life which is what I did and I dont want you to make the same bad decision especially if you have a career.