You are not weird. Agoraphobia is a protective instinct our

Good news! Agoraphobia can go away BUT you/we have to do the work to change since it's a learned fear in our brain. Agoraphobia is a protective instinct our brain does when we have experienced too many panic attacks and it is thinking it's keeping us safe from more panic attacks (while that may be true, the places are not dangerous, so it's really just limiting our world and it doesn't need to STAY that way...don't settle....Please, I know it's hard.... but it is possible to face your fears in small chunks at a time and then your/our world will open up that much more while also enjoying being out and about......we can and must retrain our brain that we are indeed safe when we go out and about! Exposure therapy and CBT make a difference....
these sites helped me in addition to talking here : and
I have a new therapist next week and looking forward to seeing her approach to help me be more independent again out and about....I am looking forward to feeling free again and I hope you believe it is possible for you too!!

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Good work I'm always thrilled when I read about someone's success