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Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, B cell, between the main armor, aorta and esophagus, stage IV. Mom has already held two years chemotherapy CNOP/17/ + Retuximab/9/, with minor interruptions for scanner.
There was improvement and reduction of lymphoma, but the latter PET-scan showed an increased rate, which alarmed us very much.No other findings in the body, for now.
My mom swallowing difficulties from the outset and, more recently, and breathing.Recently tired quickly and lose faith in treatment.
I am writing you on request, looking for similar cases and methods for their treatment after chemotherapy, radiotherapy or maybe surgery?
Me and my family will be glad of any information and experience sharing.
Тhanks in advance !


I am sorry that I don't have any experience in similar case as your mother, my cancer is NHL Large B cell of the spine. I just want to say I am praying for your mother & you- also that someone will have help for you.


Thanks for your support! It is now very important to me and my family.
Few are confused by the treatment and outcomes, physicians have been slow to make decisions … While the wait is nice to share what is happening to us.


I have B cell NHL and went through 2 separate chemotheraphy treatments last year Was in remission for 2 months, and it came back.

This March I had a stem cell transplant, and at the time I was in complete remission.

Had a CAT Scan done on Friday the 9th, and will get results tomorrow from my oncologist.


Thanks for your support! I hope your results are good.I understand that this is a complicated struggle,but it is very important to preserve their internal forces.I want to give you strength and continue to fight.

I got the results from my CAT Scan and it was negative. What a relief. The wait over the weekend was pure agony.

Rositsa…if you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to ask. It’s a long road, and many questions will come up.



This was the best thing ! I wish you luck! Will ask questions, but now enjoys the bright side of life.


I had a periferal blood stem cell transplant. I had lots of tests before the transplant to make sure I was in good enough health. A week before the transplant they took out my stem cells through a catherer in my chest. It was painless but took about 5 hours each dayfor 4 days.

A week later I was hospitalized for radiation 2 times a day for 4 days, then a mega dose of chemotherapy. I was lucky and virtually had no side effects.

Then they put the stems back in me. I was in the hospital about 3 weeks, at which time we waited for my blood counts to come back up.

That's when I experienced the nausea and diarhea. I lost my appetite and had an awful taste in my mouth.

Came home and for two weeks I was in total isolation. No dog, no drapes, no dust, etc. etc. I lost 10 pounds and the bad taste and nausea stayed with me for about 4 months.

It is now 130 days since transplant, and I feel 90% better. I am doing things that I thought I could never do again.

Anyone who has to have a PBST, please hang in there. IT DOES GET BETTER.

Thanks for sharing your situation.You passed through very difficult moments in treatment.Nice people to read this and continue to fight.Today I had a hard day, my mother still has the temperature is dropped and I can not convince her that this will pass.She thinks that her lymphoma covered aotra, basic armor and esophagus and there was no case complicated by her.Already made many courses chemotherapy / 2 years / had discarded in a short time, which was a success. Side effects of therapy was obliged to have a negative attitude towards everything.My main task now is to learn more about the people who long to fight the disease and the similar case of my mother.I do not know at what stage are grafted stem cells and when radiotherapy is applied?
I hope that this helps other people to orient themselves in disease. I can say that I think my mom is better than Retuksimab affected.I hope this will continue and your results are good also.