Your all a somebody to me! =]

You're all a somebody to me! =]

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@Mr.- Brightside Who was so mean, and cruel to you? Parents are suppose to love us... They are the first people to love us, and then to do this in the picture? I am so sorry, my SG friends. Or is it your peers, that u are so mean, and calling you names? It's so sad..... My mom thought me, to fight back, not physically but with words, when someone us being cruel to my siblings, and I... I think that's why I like it here on SG. I can used my words to show kindness, compassion, and support..... Thanks mom, RIP. Thanks Mr.-Brightside for an eye- opening post. Be strong the best is yet, to follow.... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

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@Irma well to answer your first question, it was my family, friends, past relationships, people in general. And as for the picture, you go it all wrong, but it does look bad now that I look at it lol. But in the pic it’s two best friends from a video game called Kingdom Hearts. These two buds are part of an organization in the game called Organization XIII. They were created when a heartless steals a heart from a vesal, as for the vessel itself, it turns into a nobody. Only the very special get to be in the Organization XIII, which only 13 people made it hence the name. Anyways these guys aren’t suppose to exist, they have no hearts, and there objective is to gather up hearts so they CAN exist. It’s just awesome to see to characters that literally have no heart manage to be best friends. The guy with the red hair is Axel and the blond is named Roxas and in the pic Axel is trying to cheer up Roxas. It’s a really amazing game that was really well written.

Kingdom Hearts does have awesome music, I have one of their songs both in English and Japanese lol. I've only ever played the first one though when I was a big gamer.

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@jbbisharajs yep I enjoyed em I played just 3 of them, but followed up on YouTube lol. The new one is out but it’s for the ps4 and I don’t have it so I’m pretty bummed about that, but oh well lol. As for the music, my favorite tune is Roxas/Ventus theme. I tried playing it on my guitar but failed lol