Your experience?

I am waiting for another test result but I was hoping someone could share their experience regarding itching and night sweats. I have have the sweats on and off for several months. Not every night, sometimes it skips a week or ten days. It has been limited to my head, pillow gets soaked and can happen two or three times a night. Had a fever only 2 times and it was 99 or 99.5. Can the sweats come and go? Is there always a fever?

On the itching. I had a new node swell up last week for no apparent reason and the itching started shortly thereafter. Again, it is not all day or all night, it flares up then goes away. Last night I scratched one spot until I bled on my chest and did not realize I had done it until AM.

I know there are no absolutes but am hoping lack of fever is a good thing. Thanks in advance for sharing!

Night sweats and itching are classic symptoms of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Some people experience consistently while others have mentioned it coming and going as you've described above. Some people, like my husband, had no symptoms at all before he was diagnosed other than a swollen node.

Really, you have to wait for the test results. I know that's hard, and seems to take an eternity, but you're on the right track to find out what's going on.

I wish you the best!

Thanks Mrs. Greg! Waiting stinks. My family history makes waiting especially tough. My sister has breast cancer, my Dad has had NHL and colon cancer and now has T cell lymph…I get more questions from them than I raise myself. Hope to have biopsy today or Monday. Best to your family also.

My daughter had the hives and itching for years!!!! Kept telling all of her docs and then now....oh yeah that is a symptom of HL

Hi David I had the itching and night sweats also and an occasional low grade fever it started out like yours then as time went on I had the whole body night sweats and the fever was every night between 99 to 100.5. Sounds like HL to me. Let us know what happens after test.

Thanks. Did you ever have a type of red rash? It happened last night, not like anything I have had before. Hard to explain, dry flaky, not raised, around area where I was really itchy. Also,ever have lumps in the abdomen? Woke up with a knot under my rib cage, kind of tender but does not really hurt. This stuff is nuts, hard to wait for answers. Appreciae your time.

I itched for three long years before I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I would itch all over. I scratched so hard at night in my sleep that I would bleed. I thought it was allergies so I took six Benadryl at night to help me sleep. I thought it was knocking out the itch, but it was just knocking me out. After the first chemo treatment, the itching was gone. It is a weird itch too; it felt like it was under my skin. I guess it was.

I just came from the dr. She says itching and rash is dry skin. I don't buy it. It is all over and is not like any skin / superficial itch. There are some red patches but those are not always the itchy spots. They tested for something in my blood, I think it is LDH? Showed up normal. I have to keep a log for two more weeks on night sweats and fever then she will do a CT and chest x ray. Wish she would just stick a needle in me and do biopsy so I can be done with this "process" of ruling things out they say they have to do. Really appreciate everyone's input.

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My son (23yrs) had Itching for One year and they told him that he had alleriges, they did all the blood test and nothing, Then a DR frined sent him for a Chest XRay and wuth in 24hrs he was told he had HL Stag 4. If only they had done one simple Xray early...... If i where your i would get a second Opinion

As far as I know, it just means you are at level b of whatever stage. Just be happy you don't have full body sweats... Have all the sheets soaked is a bummer....

I was recently diagnosed with HL Stage II in November. I had the itching, and it about drove me nuts. I went to a nurse practioner, and then to a determotologist. I had a rash between my breasts, and he told me it was infected hairs. He gave me antibiotics to take with a cream, and guess what. Then I found a bump on my chest bone. I went to the ER, and I was referred to an onocologist the following week. I was told after several test that I had Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage II. I have recently took my fourth chemo treatment, and I am scheduled to have them twice a week until June of 2011. Since I started chemo my itching stopped, and my rash cleared up. I sit and I think if I had not found the bump, what stage would have it been in. The nurse practioner only gave me some antiobiotics. I also went in for my yearly checkup and my blood work was high twice, and to think if I had not found the bump I would still be questioning it. She wanted to treat me for a sinus infection. Keep your head up, and I know it is hard. Take care, and please keep me informed.

David922 and saramcguire - I've been on this site for about a week, as some of the others know, I was stage 3 hodgkins 30 years ago in 1980. Took chemo and radiation and have been just fine ever since. I am physically strong and active, and I'm proof that this stuff is very beatable.

I had intense itching and night sweats, classic signs of HL, but they are gone now.

Just want to offer some encouragement, I went thru it 30 years ago and came out just fine, and of course the treatments today are more advanced than they were in 1980. Get a doctor you trust, follow their advice, and stay positive and determined.


Thank you Doug. I appreciate it very much. I have to go through treatment until June of 2011, and I hope I am done then. We have found a dr that we trust, and the staff is very caring to me. I keep my head up, and keep going. Thank you for the encouragement. Happy New Year to you.