A few years ago, an acquaintance of mine who was doing some

A few years ago, an acquaintance of mine who was doing some energetic healing work on me said something that angered me a lot. I started having flashback during the session, so I told her I wouldn't proceed. She berated me on the spot, "You've been suffering with that problem for years! This will heal you. What are you afraid of? So you'll have 'feelings' if you go through the process, then you'll be healed." I continued to refuse, because I knew that if I continued while having a flashback, the anxiety might last several weeks. After that, she avoided me when we ran into each other, wrote me off, etc. (I keep running into her.)

I finally emailed her last night. In the past, whenever I disagreed with her about something, she would harangue me and not negotiate. So it took me months to write up the email, crafting it so that maybe she would read it without getting hostile.

She responded within a few hours. I have been too scared to read her email, because when I glanced at it, it was long, and I imagine it's filled with more hostility. I've called a friend and asked her to read the email first, and to let me know if it's a hostile email.

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Well, nice to have you with us, I hope things work out for both you and your friend, you did the right thing by taking the first step to mend your differences. Take care, have a good night.

Thank you Johnnyangel for your kind message. My friend read the email this morning, and emailed me that she does not recommend I read the long email, because it is just more criticism wrapped up in a polite package.

You're welcome, I'm glad you didn't allow her to get to you. I too suffer from PTSD, there's no 'cure,' you can get meds to help some, but what you've gone through earlier in life especially if traumatic, is something you just, 'get over.' I just wanted to say hi, but wanted to let you know I'm here as one who understands, so if you need to talk, feel free to text me.

I'm still looking for a cure. Psychotherapy helped, as did meds, a support group, Somatic Experiencing, Re-evaluation Counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique. I've had friends helped by bodywork.

That's nice that you are trying for a cure, I've just resigned myself to the fact that its something I will have to live with the rest of my life, but if you find a cure, let me know, okay? Have a good day. :)

Hi Johnnyangel4u, I was rereading my old posts, and came upon your reply from 8 years ago!!! Was wondering how you are doing. I’ve finally had something of a cure. What helped maybe was more psychotherapy, Nonviolent Communication, EMDR. Was wondering if you are still resigned, or if you have tried more things since you wrote 8 years ago. What worked for me may not work for you. Alas.