Absence make the heart grow fonder OR out of sight out of mind?

Do you think that absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight out of mind?

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It truly sounds romantic, and there may even be some merit to it. But the reality is that absence creates an emotional longing which is filled only by fond memories and occasional phone calls. It can lead to emotional enlightenment and may contribute to strengthening bonds, but whether it makes the heart grow fonder or not depends upon the emotional maturity of the two people involved.

Short separations in established relationships can be good for healing and help reassess emotional priorities. But too much distance can be detrimental to relationships that have yet to build firm foundations. Emotional growth is dependent upon both physical and emotional interaction. And though some relationships today develop across the boundaries of time-lines and geographical borders, they are more the exception, and not the rule...."


Source: Helium.com

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