Adults are supposed to protect children. I may still feel ma

Adults are supposed to protect children. I may still feel mad that some let me be beat up and let inappropriate behavior happened to me in front of their eyes. I know I should let this go but it keeps coming up on my head and it hurt deep. I DO want to heal from this though. I made a list of triggers and typed out what happened and how it made me feel. I guess I need to change my whole thought process about this.

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You're doing a good job already by taking the steps to write down your triggers and to WANT to heal. Most people don't do that. You're right. Adults are supposed to protect children but they don't. This is a fallen/broken world where sin runs rapid. Even the abuse of children. Not to be religious but it's truth. But the even greater truth is you have a Heavenly Father that wants to help heal you and lead you to a life of freedom from the trauma you've been through. Hopefully this was encouraging to help you keep fighting for your healing. Never give up! This is the grreatest thing that you can do for yourself. Love.

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From Substance Abuse to Mental & Physical Abuse

I just found this again and it made my day :smile:

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How are you 4 years later?

I’m still trying to work through my PTSD and trying to move forward. It’s bot easy though. Maybe I’m getting more aware of my triggers (I just need to learn to react better and do calming techniques when it happens-I forget to do that sometimes).
How have you been?

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Our triggers are the worse to find out, i was triggered yesterday actually, been feeling a bit off these weeks, not feeling much