Advice pls

right i know i haven’t posted since August but i js need like advice or anything or js for someone to tell me if i shld leave or not. basically i have a boyfriend of 2 years, we are long distance and we are only 16 so its unlikely we’d work out anyway but our relationship was going really well until 2 weeks ago, im a teen and im obviously going to do what teens do, i got drunk and had one drag of weed, thats it, and he told me he had lost feelings and he hates me because of it, weve been trying to make it work and by trying i mean begging him to stay, but anyways, its just starting to be half okay again but i remembered once when we were 14, we had been together for a year, and i saw his search history and it was completely full of “girls 14 or 15” or just half naked girls in general, i brought it up again and its hurting and im not sure if i should leave it or stay, it happened a while ago yes but since we are in long distance he could easily be doing worse without me knowing, i love him so much but this relationship is making me depressed but i know if we break up im js gna feel worse😊

Relationships should enhance your life and when they don’t, it is time to really evaluate what they bring into your life especially as you are long distance. We are sorry you are hurting , but we are so glad you are here, we hope the support helps you feel less lost and alone. -SG