Do you ever just feel like on one hand you are super grateful to your body for all it has done and on the other hand super frustrated with the health issues you deal with. I am debating whether I should switch endos, I go in once a year at this point, my thyroid numbers are good, but I have talked to other people and they say their docs are more interactive. Mine looks at my numbers and basically is like see you next year. I hate doctors and I hate switching even more!

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Yes! It is hard getting older. I’ve worked hard all my life, burning my candle at both ends, sort of; working two jobs frequently, running on Diet Coke and energy and 2-3 hours’ sleep every holiday or vacation or bdays, etc getting everyone’s needs met; working long hours at work, etc and thinking I was kind of indestructible yet my body betrayed me when I fractured my wrist last year. So I totally get you, CKBlossom. I’ve also taken synthroid for underactive thyroid for 30(?) years; but it’s based on my fasting blood level numbers, not on any “symptoms” that I’m aware of. I hope you get clarity with your current endo or get a better replacement endo!

My fasting numbers are good, but there are still things that don’t seem to full under Perimenopause symptoms. I just hate switching doctors. Do you feel that way? Like what if they are worse?

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I find women doctors have been better for me. All except like 2 male doctors Ive ever met were a bit dismissive, thought I was exaggerating etc., and I do think it was because I wasnt a white male. Being real right now. I have no prejudice against men doing their jobs. I was dismissed and not taken seriously, although doctors in general also have trauma, so they sort of work on robot mode. Sometimes your leg needs to be falling off for them to be like oh lets do something.

So yea, switch definitely. Look around first, meet a bunch, ans see how they approach your test results.

I think from what you described you have a pattern of neglecting your health for years… So it makes sense your health is deteriorating :frowning: . I did the same for a few years, and I developed fibromyalgia at 29.

Like drinking diet coke and energy drinks, not sleeping… these are things you do as a teenager when you dont know better. But now that you feel it, your body is telling you with signals to wake up and stop these habits. Start drinking water as soon as you wake up, cut out caffeine which is linked to depression. Drink decaf instead, create a bed time routine that begins at 8:30pm. Might be todying up, showering and reading before bed.

I am way better since I started listening to my body. I rest when I am tired. I eat when I am hungry. I stop responding to texts or people right away, I dont meet people for coffee if I feel disrespected. *shrug. Boundaries are the reason Im alive and not still in a bed unable to lift my head from weak muscles.

I have often thought that finding a good doctor is a bit like finding a good mechanic, one who “understands” my car and is willing to “work with it”. As you say, it is a pain changing doctors, but IMO well worth the effort to find one who “gets” you. Best of luck!

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I still have energy and still driven and van achiever. I am slowing a bit but the betrayal was fracturing my wrist. Mostly cause my bone density (which is not good; osteopenia borderline osteoporosis) says 10% risk of fracture and then - darn - I did fracture my wrist Lol

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That’s true about switching. You could ease into and just make an appt for a consult if you have a new prospective dr(?)

I will reach out to my PCP and ask for a recommendation. Thanks hun.

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Its so hard though because really for someone you see so infrequently it is like do you try a new one each year? I wish there were more reviews on a doctor like there is on Airbnb :slight_smile:

Hmm, I have never even thought about that. Have you don’t that before?

@Doodle1234 I had a great male GYN for years, but yeah, I am thinking I am kind of over male doctors.

oh gosh, Im so sorry. Bone pain hurts, I hope you will be gentle with yourself. I remember when I got so weak my bones and joints became brittle, it hurt too much to walk on sidewalks, I had to walk gently on grass. It does make a difference, but I think you can improve things a little with diet, I really believe that. Stuff like ginger, broccoli, etc., The answer may already exist in peer reviewed literature, keep looking. :sunflower:

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