Alcohol addiction. Need to get clean.

For a month and half my addiction to alcohol has gotten bad( around 8 drinks a day). I’m fully functional though. No bad behaviour after drinking. But I’ve become very anti social. It’s that when the urge hits, i can’t seem to control it. Need to quit or atleast take a break. Any tips?

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You just have to find other things to occupy your time. When I first got sober, I had to change everything I did.

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know it’s not easy. I highly recommend spending time really thinking through what matters most to you at your core and spend your time, thoughts and energy focusing on those things and spending more time doing them to make you smile. One more thing, get outside and realize how beautiful the world is around you, and know that you’re needed d in it.

I went to AA and although it took a while, I was finally convinced that drinking was a big part of my overall struggles and depression that led me to a suicide attempt. I follow the 12 step program as best I can and attend meetings regularly. This has been a blessing for me and my life is MUCH better without alcohol in it. God saved me through this program and he can save you too. Blessings.

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Please look into, carnivore diet, keto diet. There are many testimonials.

Correct me if I’m wrong but addiction has its similarities. I struggle with Food Addiction. People attack me becuase I"m not over weight, how are you addicted to food? When that craving for sugar or flour hits its intense. Can I assume its the same for alcohol? That itch needs to be scratched. What are some things you enjoy doing that require your mental focus or that envelops you so thoroughly wiht joy or nervous excitement that all other thoughts and activites are put on the back burner? Try engaging in those activites. You stated you have become anti social. Yes, I’m familiar with that too. That feeling to withdraw. But you did come on here and seek support. Proving you aren’t completley anti social. That’s a great step. Keep reaching out a hand. I hope this was helpful.

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Did you find changing your eating helped you stay sober?

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Are you still on leave? I am assuming that this backsliding has occurred during your time on land? Do you drink at all when you are on the ship working?

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Hey, what’s goin on? Have you become antisocial as a result of the drinking, or do you find yourself drinking because you’ve become antisocial? Could help if you enlist a friend or family member to try and keep you accountable. The desire to not let someone you trust, respect, or love down can be a fairly powerful motivator for change although that’s just one part of a long road towards winning out against addictions but every step counts, especially the first ones. Looking for local AA groups wouldn’t be the worst idea either.

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I had the same issue last year. I have been homeless, well living in a van because of outrageous rent in Ireland, and been very depressed as I don’t have any friends and family. It had been tough and to numb the pain I indulged into drinking and quickly slipped into drinking 8 or more units a day, everyday.

I stopped because I noticed my liver started giving up and I was bleeding through my nose everyday. I still couldn’t understand but then people around me noticed and they showed their concern and I started looking up for info and yup I found my liver was getting severely damaged and the only way to stop it is to stop drinking.

Trust me it was extremely hard to not crack open a beer but suddenly my urge to live longer overpowered the urge to drink.

It’s not that I don’t drink now. Probably up to 10-12 units a week instead of a day.

What really helped me occupy my time is going to the gym, finding ways to make more money and doing regular chores like keeping your place tidy and organized. Keeping your place clean, tidy and organized has a huge impact on your mental health, trust me.

So start by

  1. cleaning up your place (it’s okay to be a cleanoholic and have OCD to keep your place clean and tidy).

  2. Organize your stuff.

  3. Make a simple routine. (Make a to-do list)

  4. Write down what’s bothering you and give it a score. On a scale of 100, let’s say it’s 75. Start working on it 2-5% a day at a time. Slowly it’ll grow.

  5. Focus on making more money than you spend. Start by flipping simple things. Like look for an iPhone for cheap and then flip it for more. (It could be anything). Buy for let’s say 120, clean it up, make it more presentable and then simply flip it for 150-160 or whatever you think it’s worth.

  6. Use the profit money to reward yourself, like buy yourself a nice meal or simply put it towards your business to make more.

Use these simple steps and see how your life changes.


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Amazing tips!

I’ve been trying to change my ways by making a list of things to do for the day and also for the month. The problem is i finish a entire days job in about 4 hours and then get the urge to have a drink. I’ve tried resisting the urges, but only to a few days. Now with Christmas around the corner, I’m trying to keep myself super busy by decorating. But the problem with that is I’m very fast with getting things done. I don’t leave any stone unturned to win the day. It’s the nights that gives me the chills. Thanks for your advice!!

Thank you so much for your time. I do infact have a routine. I wake up at 5 every morning. My wife too. Our kids have school at 9. And they gotta take a mid day snack and lunch with them to school. So we get started with that. I get the children ready while she finishes cooking and getting their bags ready. I drop then to school and do my grocery shopping for the next day. Get back home have breakfast and make a list of tasks to be completed for the day. I complete those tasks in like a few hours. During the day it’s around 12ish that i find myself craving for alcohol. And around 7 at nights. I get by this mostly by having my meal. Coz my urges go away after i eat. I’ve managed to bring my weight under control. Last night we had a bbq at my place (just my wife and 2 kids). I actually did not want to drink. But my mind convinced me that after a couple of drinks I’ll be alright. We had a great time. I was practically drained (energy wise) and hence did not want to drink. Today morning i woke up sick. Probably from over working this week. Last week was probably the best I’ve had (alcohol wise). From 40 units to 20. Looking for a better week this time.

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Yeah kinda anti social. Over the years I’ve cut my friends circle to a hand few. And almost all of them have moved upstate. Basically right now i have only 2 or 3 people i meet often. I often turn them down when they invite me over. I used to be extrovert before i met my wife. Right now I’m just happy being at home. I’m a sailor by profession, so I’m on a break. I don’t drink much when I’m onboard. It’s only when I’m home it gets bad. Thank you for your time

Yes I’m still on leave. i don’t drink that often when I’m onboard. Once or maybe twice a month. There’s this one time i went 11 months straight without a drop. And i was struggling back then too. The problem is my mind. I don’t have any physical urge to drink. It’s my mind that tortures me the entire day. I’m just so fed up of those thoughts.

It sounds like you drink to medicate the feelings, the anxiety, something, have you considered it is a masking type addiction rather than maybe the drinking addiction itself? I mean if you can go months without drinking on the ship that says something. Have you thought to maybe talk about this with your doctor?

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When you say masking type addiction, it kinda rings a bell somewhere. I’m very bad at dealing with anxiety being sober. I haven’t spoken to a doctor yet. I thought I’ll vent my feelings here, see how it goes and then decide the next step. And actually I’m feeling a lot better these last few days. Forgive me for the delay in replying. I’m back on this site after almost 2 months. And this site has changed dramatically. Still trying to find my way through

Of course, you never have to apologize for not getting back to me immediately. Anxiety is a lot and a lot of people self medicate. But, you might find that trying medication or other means to deal with the anxiety help you feel a lot better than getting drunk which just helps you turn off your brain completely.

Thank you for your comment. I think addiction works the same way on everything, even food too. When we realise we’re overdoing something or our near and dear ones notice our bad patterns,that’s when we know we’re doing something wrong. In your case i feel the people attack you is coz they’re probably jealous that you’re not overweight with your food addiction. Personally I’m not addicted to sweets. I do eat sweets now n then. But i do not have cravings as such

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