Alcohol and guns ‘a dangerous mix’

Owners and workers say firearms should not be added to bar fights.

Bill Jamison, owner of Froggy Blues Cafe in Monroe, said he believes in a person’s right to carry a firearm — just not inside establishments like his.
Jamison said he opposes a bill in the Ohio House that would allow concealed guns inside bars and restaurants.
Simply put, he said, alcohol and guns “don’t go well together.”
Elizabeth Allen has been a bartender for five years at Buck’s Sports Bar on Central Avenue in Middletown and can verify that when alcohol is involved and tempers flare, people can act violently. She said she’s seen her share of bar fights and even recalls a shootout not too far away from the bar a few years ago.
The bar doesn’t even use glass beer mugs — opting for plastic instead — because glass shards could be used as a weapon. So she doesn’t understand why anyone would want to allow guns to be brought into the mix.
“They took out smoking because they were afraid that would kill people and now they want to bring guns into a bar? What is up with that?” Allen said.
Proponents of Senate Bill 239 said the proposal allows for conceal carry permit holders to carry their weapons into bars and restaurants if they make a conscious decision not to drink alcohol.

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This article caught my attention this morning. I totally agree with alcohol and guns don't mix. 41 years ago this Christmas Eve, my dad was drinking. He always had his gun on him when he left the house. Long story made short, he wound up shot before the night was over and died the next day on Christmas Day.

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