Am burning the midnite oil too much lately. Gonna lay back

Am burning the midnite oil too much lately.
Gonna lay back and listen to the rain on the metal roof.
Anyone staying up late tonite, have a goodnight.

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I am. I was outside enjoying the moonlight for awhile. I try to make the best of my situation.
Even though I’d rather be somewhere else, I want to be happy so I’m going to take what I can get.
I’m grateful I can go outside and look at the moon. I have what I need.
They keep messing with the clouds so it rains every night. I’m sick of that. I don’t know if it would be more clear at the dog park. I was there earlier too. It’s creepy because it’s real dark around there. They don’t have any street lights around.
I’m listening to Dolores Cannon on YouTube.

Can’t sleep. Forgot to take my meds. Some of them make me sleepy. Am too tired to get up to get them.
Forgot to take my am meds too.
The rain is causing me pain.
Do you know where the saciriliac is? Between your hip and groin.
Never new it was there until it started hurtin’. There is a funny diddy about that sac.
3 am here.
Have not slept a wink for quite awhile. Dogs need to be fed soon. I feed them every 4 hours cause the pom pom will pester me to death if I don’t. Really hard on someone who has trouble sleeping. I swear she knows when I fall asleep. As soon as I do she wakes me up, even when it’s not time to eat.
Have thought about giving her away, but she is so sweet and loving. She is in her retirement years at 14. The woman we got her from when she was 12 could not handle her barking. She is a tiny watch dog. Barks when she hears a car door shut. And when she sees our cats. Pretty funny since the cats are bigger than she is. Okay, enough rambling.

Do you like Midnight Oil?


Midnight oil has different meanings.
There is the band.
Burning midnight oil, as I meant, means staying up late.