An ex tried to bite my penis off about a year and a half ago

An ex tried to bite my penis off about a year and a half ago. The urologist I went to at the time told me it would probably heal in time. It was still functioning, it just had a dent on each side. Fast forward to August of this year, I broke/ruptured it during sex and had to have emergency surgery (different doc) doc said I should be ok in 3-5 weeks after surgery. It's now December and I still cannot get a full erection, nor can I maintain one. They're saying I may need surgery again, but recommend stem cell therapy. I don't have insurance and spent what little savings I had on the first surgery. Medications and injections do not work. I'm at a loss... Anyone?

Is it that you cannot physically get an erection or is it fear? I mean having someone try to bite your penis off has to be traumatic!

@CKarma it’s 100% physical. But now the emotional strain is starting to affect my mental well being.

@CKarma I looked into it, but the police said there was no way to prove it was actually her that did it. All of the evidence would be circumstantial. I could try a civil suit, but more than likely would just be wasting my time and money.