Another poem - Questions

what if i cried tomorrow...would anyone comfort me?

what if i cut tomorrow...would anyone notice?

what if i tried to commit suicide tomorrow...would anyone be troubled?

what if i died tomorrow...would anyone miss me?

what if i went to hell tomorrow...would anyone cry over me?

what if i put a gun to my head one would care.


the answer to all those questions is 'yes...'


people would care. those u pass on the street are made brighter for seeing u, those who lives u have an impact on would be sorry and find a hole that couldnt be filled without u

so yes u are a needed member of the ocmmmunity and we need u here to remind us that life is sometimes full of backward steps and negativity but we can all move forward when its our time to move

so yes is the answer to your question

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Don't go by "what if?" The world is full of "what if's"! I'd never find the will or reason to do anything if I asked what if. Live life for what it is, what you have, what you dream, what you want, what you love... People care, more than you realize. What if things change? What if I meet a new friend? What if my life gets brighter? What if I have a suprise in store for me? DREAM BIG! Life is sometimes what you dream it to be. Hang in there...