Anxious worse than normal

Anxiety is bad . never usually this bad for so long . Its a bit scary . Worse thing is the breathing and feel like my shaking inside. Tried breathing deeply not working . could be a panic . wish I could stop it .

Keep posting and talking to people here until ur symptoms lessen,then keep talking some more til u can get ur symptoms under ur control, then keep talking some more.

There is nothing to worry about?
This is nothing to stress about?
You’re okay. Life is too short, there is no reason to worry. Life is suppose to be a journey. Everything is suppose to feel this way. Take it in, absorb it. This moment that you are feeling will pass. Close your eyes and ask yourself, “What will I think of next?” Often times no thought will arise. You are creating mental movies of situations that have yet to occur. Don’t live in the future. Live in the NOW. Right now, look at your hands, feel your body. APPRECIATE the NOW. If you feel a panic, welcome it and no that this moment will pass and if you allow it then your mind will play tricks on you. Remember that when you are nervous or in panic it’s often times because you are thinking of things in the future rather then appreciating the moment you are in right at this moment. You are loved​:heart::heart: